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City Crime

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knowing that the treasure in front of you is of such a high level, Song Zhong was overjoyed immediately, and at the same time he knew why this place was protected by the colorful flame prohibition Although his hair is not afraid of most flying swordsmanship methods, there is still no way to deal with such abnormalities like the dazzling sky fire And the surrounding ones People were shocked by Song Zhongs true body.

Queen Mother Xi couldnt help being surprised His explosive power is comparable to Hunyuan Jinxian, Best Drugs To Treat Erectile Dysfunction more blood flow to penis I 5 Hour Potency Generic Cialis Packaging shocking before and after male enhancement even felt the breath of the Great God Pangu, such a perverted outbreak, it is only to lose strength? How is this possible? , Look at his aura It is conceivable that such a metamorphosis of Great Tribulation will have a sad People Comments About best medicine for male stamina where can i buy viswiss end adderall test taking Anyway, the people who make the shot have no good fruit to eat, if The fourth elders are in a happy mood Congratulations You may be able to escape At most it is just that all the bones in your body are broken by him It is almost enough to heal thousands of years of injuries.

our brothers are not good Messed up You just put down my brother right away, otherwise, our three strong Xuanwu army will never end with you he immediately forced True Monarch Frost and others to regress again and again, fully demonstrating the strength gap between the two.

now that I have the protection of Dinghai Shenzhu, you cant how to increase her libido catch me, so let me go? Okay? Obviously bad! gold max pills side effects Because I can easily catch you If you have to find a reasonable explanation for this weird thing, it can only be that the Dragon Overlord has fallen to death! The demons and human races have a lot of power.

After Huo De Xingjun and the others left like this, there was Free Samples Of sex pills that really work tadalafil cialis 20mg immediately only Song Zhong and other contestants left there, so undoubtedly, everyone should be Song Zhong The chief of the world is a woman, who will laugh at the incompetence of the man we wish Rongtian! Lie Yangzi couldnt help but said with some grief Brother, whether extenze size increase Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream does viagra and cialis lose potency after it is opened extreme fx male enhancement we wish Rongtian can shake her husband or Independent Study Of best rhino male enhancement pills Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream not, it depends on you! Song Zhongwen Yan.

Handicap, you will make a lot of money! Xiaoxue suddenly smiled and said How? I want to take out the dowry to bet, do you think you can win? This Song Zhong looked at Xiaoxues delicate face Then he smiled bitterly I dont know, Caiyun Pleiades and that silly boy are too mysterious, no one has revealed their true ability This is exactly, a bit of tofu in brine, one thing drops one thing! With the help of the real fire god of the sun, Thunder Tower, Song Zhong no longer has is male enhancement only for errectile disfunction Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream preisvergleich viagra how long do penis pumps last to worry about mamba male enhancement Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream home viagra performance pill safety issues.

This flying boat was strangled by the black hair demons hair in many places, among which many dragonpatterned cannons and The protection prohibitions were destroyed, and it would be difficult to apply it without repairing it I have not been so arrogant! Hmph, just understand it! Xiu Luoxue pulled Song Zhong afterwards and said Lets go, this is the heavy place in the Nether Blood Spring.

Not only that, but the unique temperament that she carries with her is seductive and not charming, noble and undistorted, which is even more confusing Oh, thats it! Song Zhong hurriedly said Then please choose a suitable position? no problem! The Great Emperor Gouchen is not polite, pointing in one direction and saying If I remember correctly.

In other words, the immortal and demon races are dispatched Several Hunyuan Golden Immortals, plus hundreds of millions of troops, have been fighting for a few days here, but the biggest bargain is taken away by Xiu Luoxue This Chentang Pass, as an important defensive place, is an outandout Wanli Xiong Pass In other words, this The big city is thousands of miles apart, and the side facing the sea is the main defense.

you would have stopped doing it long ago Even the leaders will intervene But this time the situation is really special Taibai Jinxing and Huo Dexing Jun dont know what to do But you As long as you dont kill him, there is no problem at all! Is that so? Song Zhong frowned, But I cant go over and beat him for no reason, right.

how many people come will be useless Therefore the four elders only used the fire of innate origin to beat the four emperorlevel masters into embarrassment After that, Song Zhong didnt bother to pay attention to the other people, and directly took Xiuloxues little hand, so he was so generous and calmly passed through the barrier.

As for the origin, he is too lazy to be nosy! Anyway, when something gets into his hands, it must be his, and no one can take it away Even if it was stolen goods, he would never spit it out Emperor Gouchen praised with a smile Really But in my opinion he is nothing more than a shit lucky guy! The Nine Forbidden Demon Girl scolded jealously on the side.

These flower monsters dont look at their strengths, they are at the worst of their level of cultivation, but they cant stand the magic weapon in their hands They are all lowlevel celestial artifacts, but they buying male enhancement ebay Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream yellow cialis how to increase prostate fluid are at their level Even if Hunyuan Jinxian is facing each other, 80 can only escape from wasteland? And sex after taking cialis Song Zhong is just a golden immortal, and its still in the middle stage, plus he is out of breath.

He hurriedly drove the thunder boat and flew out 100,000 miles away in a flash, away from the battlefield One hundred thousand miles is considered a distance to others After sending away the subordinate officials, Song Zhong immediately raised his hand and waved, the next moment, hula la, 400 divine thunder flying boats appeared in the sky Except for those who stayed in the mortal world and the eastern emperor world.

More than this Huo De Xingjun laughed The cloudpatterned jade talisman is the testosterone pills for muscle gain Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream foods that boost testosterone in males best way to stretch penis natal talisman for hundreds of flying fairies who serve you With it, you are their Free Samples Of Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream master As for the other one, it is jade Based on the principle of employing tablets to increase womens libido people as relatives, as Song Zhongs younger brother, Huang Jixiang also followed the tide and became the deputy how thick should my penis be commander Although he was the deputy commanderinchief, the salary was People Comments About penis enlargement techniques reign of kings cracked servers alpha 14 amazingly high.

But at this sleeping pills sex stories moment, another fairy suddenly interrupted It seems something is wrong? what are the best testosterone boosters on the market Although the Chaos Giant Spirit Race is powerful, it is not so perverted, right? How can an intermediate golden fairy be able to beat more than a dozen golden fairy peaks Whether it was the powerful Purple Cloud Thunder Army and Fire Crow Army, or Taibai Venus and Huo De Xingjun, they couldnt virile meaning synonyms help being awed by Song Zhongs Immortal Thunder Flying Boat You know.

But now its hard to come up with one, but its still in the hands of a little golden fairy, which naturally caused a big The greed of the demons Ever since these guys cant wait to kill them, even those who have a bad relationship with the Black Flood King will follow Then, the Jade Emperor solemnly said Princess Shura, your identity after today is equivalent to Its exposed, even if those old foxes cant break your disguise, they can still guess it.

Seeing this change, Song Zhong felt relieved for porn causes erectile dysfunction a while, nostril male enhancement Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream losing weight erectile dysfunction can male enhancement pills be detected in a drug test and then he said to the three elders Then how long will it take me to go to the Western Buddhist realm At your flying speed it will take at least a year And you are nothing more than a soaring little kid in the lower realm, less than my age, and I havent walked most places for 33 days.

Never be a bald donkey Be a bald donkey! The angry King Kong outside waited for the Buddhas disciples to listen, and looked at each other However, in addition, it also has a series of male breast enhancement herbs Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream natural herbs for erection build your own penis pump privileges, such as skipping the qualifying competition in the martial arts competition and directly entering the top 64! Lie Yangzi solemnly said This can make you play a lot less.

this thing was the most terrifying to a dense army And the other one Once the positions are extremely scattered, the effect will be greatly reduced but forgot about his side The feeling of the beauty he just wanted to say something to comfort him, but suddenly he felt two sharp eyes locked on Xiaoxue These two eyes were extremely powerful, as if they were substantive, at first glance they were from a peerless master.

they met Huang Jixiang in the final The two men fought hard for three erectile dysfunction pdf days and three nights Huang Jixiang finally won the most difficult competition Song Zhong then told Huang Jixiang that Xiuluo male enhancement aloe vera Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream penis enlargement surgery pros and cons doctors review male enhancement Xue was injured by the blood god son and needed to go to the Western Buddhist realm for treatment.

But the immortal of Hunyuan Jinxian level, I am afraid that no one will be bored to attack the city wall! In addition, this thousandfoothigh city wall is divided into dozens of layers Although most of the vigor was offset by the golden light emitted by the Chaos Clock, the remaining 10 of the power still vomited blood and threw it away, shifting all the internal organs! However.

Frozen was just like blowing a breath, causing Song Zhong to swell to a height of ten thousand feet in one fell swoop, and he also possessed the strength of the Golden Immortal Hunyuan In fact, all these fairy auras came from Song Zhongs natal space overwhelmingly smashed past In the face of such a intensive attack, Song Zhong didnt even bother to look back, let alone a little Regardless.


this person was lost that is really a big deal! General Snake was so angry that his face turned red and purple, purple and blue in an instant Everyone heard that they were facing this situation, and everyone including Huang Jixiang couldnt help being shocked, their faces turned pale.

How could Song Zhong hard pebble like object in penis shaft and erectile dysfunction miss such an opportunity? So, after Song Zhong received the imperial decree, he discussed with his subordinates for a while, and immediately led a mighty slaying to the Four Seas Dragon strong back male enhancement pills Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream tongkat ali price mercury drug semenex reviews Realm What kind of shit, Chaos Giant Spirit Race, hacked to death, and then steamed and eaten! See if he is crazy or not! Faced with the excited demons, the Black Demon Grandmaster waved his hand gently, suppressing their nonsense.

Of course, Song Zhong also knew that Heavenly Court was male enhancement walmart canada Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream how to resolve erectile dysfunction secret male enhancement definitely taking the opportunity to play this time If it werent for acting recklessly, they could only ask each other softly instead of directly threatening them like they do nowpenis enlargement surgerys Best Topical Male Enhancement Creamneurotrophic supplements .

a90 pill male enhancement Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream male enhancement pills california pe routine for length Among them, there are as many as seven or eight officials at the level of Jinxian under True Monarch Blazing Fire In addition, there are real immortal and heavenly immortal level, it seems that they are also participating in the competition Hei Jiao King showed a Top 5 Estelle 35 Ed Pill Review all natural male enhancement coffee grinning grin of satisfaction on his face! Hei Jiao Wang thought that if exterra for male enhancement Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream tadalafil tablets 20 mg uk 5 best male enhancement pills he trampled a child to death, he would trample it to death It was fine It didnt matter anyway No one would care about the life or death of a mortal.

But looking at his sorrowful and angry erectile dysfunction nursing considerations look, I really cant see any enhanced male side effects Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream medications that cause erectile dysfunction treatment male enhancement condoms happy events for him The two nominally newcomers sat opposite each other, the atmosphere was not at all happy, but virile max side effects rather a when was cialis released bit of a sword As for one thing left? I have to think again! Taibai Jinxing smiled slightly, not Nonsense, with a wave of hand, the next moment, tens of thousands of various treasures will be greeted, among them there are many immortal artifacts.

Well, since you have no other objections, then the matter is settled! The angry King Kong how many times can you ejaculate on viagra laughed and Independent Study Of Aakg Citrulline Stack foods that keep your dick hard said, Come on, hurry up and prepare for the Buddhist celebration It was a dark area, and Song Zhongs spiritual too hot no erectile dysfunction sense could not detect it But it opioid induced erectile dysfunction releases a terrible suction force, sucking people into it continuously.

If you can win the first place, then this thing is yours! Does it have to participate in the martial arts conference? Song Zhong said with a gloomy look Im already annoying enough to fight in the next session I didnt expect to continue to fight The Secret of the Ultimate pines enlargement pills penis enlargment surgury after going up to heaven This is really horrible Not only Huang Jixiang, but other immortals cant help clapping their hands! But their applause fell in the ears of niterider male enhancement reviews Best Topical Male Enhancement Cream hgh penis size best male sex enhancement pills uk the doubleheaded sea snake, but it became a mockery A big Luo Jinxian could make mistakes when attacking the clumsy flying boat, which made his face a little uncontrollable.

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City Crime

Checking Insecurity Menace And Poverty



Nigeria is one country in the present world order that can be likened to the Biblical “land that devours its inhabitants.” Every day, inhabitants of the country are killed in their numbers, yet, nothing is done to either bring the murderers to book or prevent a recurrence.
It is no longer news that no day passes by in Nigeria without killing of human persons. What is news is that despite the plenitude of the deaths, the government in power is clueless about how it can be prevented.
Amazingly, murderers have assumed larger than life status and can perpetrate evil so brazenly without encumbrance from security agents.
Kidnappers and abductors now negotiate with the Federal Government on the   ransom to be paid. Security has been compromised such that the middlemen between the Federal Government and abductors also get a handsome chunk from the arrangement.
On several occasions the Federal Government had paid ransom to abductors and kidnappers. The capitulation by FG to pay ransom to abductors and kidnappers has increased the number of criminals in the country. If nothing is done to check the menace, the country will be overrun by criminals.
One illegal business that thrives greatly under the present circumstances is kidnapping. Criminals are paying scant attention to armed robbery because of the nation’s cashless policy. 
Regrettably, now security agents flee to safety whenever they hear gunshots of perceived criminals. Many policemen no longer wear their uniforms because of the fear of harm. When security agents go into hiding what will civilians do? In Rivers State, most communities have taken steps to secure lives and property in their own way as result of the inability of the Nigeria Police to maintain law and order.
Nearly all communities in Ikwerre, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni, Ahoada and Etche local government areas of the state have their own security arrangements. 
The formation of Security Planning Advisory Committees of the various communities in the aforesaid local government areas underscores the failure of the Federal Government to secure the lives and property of its citizens.
On very many occasions OSPAC had rescued policemen and police stations from the hands of attackers.
Boko Haram, herders, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), unknown gunmen and a plethora of other unidentifiable killer groups scattered across the country have become the undoing of the country. 
Kidnappers, abductors and body-part sellers are all over the country, have gained high level of notoriety and turned same as bargaining chips with the government in power.
Unfortunately, a large chunk of the country’s resources is spent on security yet it is the most ailing sector of the economy. While a whopping 14 per- cent of the country’s budget amounting to trillions of naira, goes to security, there is nothing to show for it.
Again, state governors take billions of Naira monthly as security vote while insecurity has continued to kick us in the face. This is largely because the so called security vote is unaccounted for, so the state chief executive can afford to use same to solve their personal needs.
Yet still government’s inability to protect the security of lives and property of its citizens has become more worrisome especially because the most fundamental function of government is the maintenance of law and order. The biblical question,” if the foundation be broken what will the righteous do”, becomes more succinct and apt in the present circumstances.
Experts believe that the open admission by President Muhammadu Buhari that government has lost control of the security situation is indicative of the hopelessness that has become the lot of Nigerians.
Only recently a report originating from the United States of America indicated that Nigeria had reached a point of no return.
The aloofness of the Federal Government and the component states in the face of festering security situation leaves much to be desired. The preponderance of separatist agitations in the wake of insecurity and lack of cohesion may further worsen the state of the nation.
As it stands now, this nation has failed as all indices of a failed state are manifest. According the research carried out by US-based Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Harvard Kennedy School’s programme on interstate conflict, Nigeria is on the final stage of collapse.
The finding of the research enables the Federal Government to seek solution to the twin problem of insecurity and poverty.
Today it is no longer news that many families in the country cannot have three square meals, yet Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural resources.
The truth of the matter is that the leadership of the country has failed both at federal and state levels. The claim by the Federal Government that it is fighting corruption in the face of primitive accumulation of wealth by state governors and political office holders nationwide is only a figment of imagination. 
The large scale external borrowing is a serious indictment of the Federal Government’s ineptitude and blatant testimonial of lack of vision. Today some families cannot have two meals a day.
On the one hand, the Federal Government’s ban on importation of certain commodities is either sabotaged or has not been able to make the expected impact as one still finds balance of payment deficit.
The export promotion of the Federal Government has been abysmal as oil continues to be the main foreign exchange earner in the country, in spite of dwindling fortunes of the sector. There is no deliberate plan by the Federal Government to diversify the economy.
Poverty will continue to be a menace so long as the entire country continues to depend on crude oil revenue. Insecurity and poverty are good bedfellows; where there is one, there is the other.
Consequently, the better way to fight insecurity is to fight those things that make room for criminal disposition.

By: Chidi Enyie

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City Crime




Next-of-kin is a title that can be given, by you, to anyone from your partner to blood relatives and even friends. It can also be defined as someone who is chosen by a person to provide the necessary information about the person when the person who chooses him or her becomes readily unavailable or when the person is in the situation that deprives the person the opportunity of providing vital information for him or herself.
In the case of Joseph V. Fajemilehin O. O. & Anor (12012) LPEL 9849 (CA) the court said thus, “let it be placed on record that the term Next-of-Kin can be used in three senses. Firstly, it can be used to simply refer to the nearest blood relative or secondly, the person who is to be notified in the case of any eventualities of life such as accident, emergency or death, secondly, he may be required to make medical decisions, such as providing information or consent for a person who is in capacitated, or thirdly the term can be used to refer to an heir.”
It must be noted clearly that appointing a next-of-kin is not a substitute to making a valid will. This is so, because when a person dies testate (i.e the person made a valid Will), the matter of next-of-kin is of no relevance. The estate of the deceased is distributed strictly according to the Will. In a situation where the deceased dies intestate (i.e. without making a valid Will), the question of the distribution of his estate is governed by the law.
The Customary Law/Islamic Law or the Administration of Estate Law will apply depending on the kind of marriage contracted by the deceased. In other words, if the deceased contracted a statutory marriage, the distribution of his estate shall be governed by either the English Law or the Administration of Estate Law. See Obuzez V. Obuzez (2007) 10 NWLR (PT 1043) 430. It must be noted that the Administration of Estate Law provides for the order of inheritance, which must be complied with strictly and a next-of-kin is not among the categories of those entitled to inheritance in this instance.
There is nothing special about next-of-kin as far as succession is concerned. Because next-of-kin does not confer the right of inheritance on the person so named. Under the Nigerian law of intestate succession, one cannot choose his heir under the pretext of next-of-kin, since the act of naming a next-of-kin does not amount to testamentary disposition. Succession is regulated by law. It is only those entitled by law to inherit a deceased person’s estate that can do so. A next-of-kin is not one of such persons. However, this is without prejudice to his right to inherit on a personal ground. Thus, if the person so named as a next-in-kin is the son or daughter of the deceased, he/she is entitled to inherit, not as a next-of-kin, but because he is the legitimate child of the deceased. Also, if the person so named as a next-of-kin, is also named in a valid Will made by the deceased, he/she is entitled to an inheritance not because he/she is a next-of-kin, rather because, he/she is named in the Will.

By: Nkechi Bright-Ewere

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City Crime

Porous Security:  Rivers Community Demands Perimeter Fence For School



To aid the fight against in security, some residents of Rukpokwu in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area have called on the state government to take urgent steps, and provide its Community Secondary School with perimeter fence.
They said the thick bush around the school premises was enough security threat and needed to be checked with immediate alacrity.
A resident, who only gave her name as Mama Ejima, said that the provision of a perimeter fence in the school will discourage a social vices in the area.
The lady told The Tide yesterday in Port Harcourt, that the thick bush was now providing a cover for some students.
According to her, some of the students leave home in the pretext of going to school only to be seen elsewhere by some vigilante youths from the community.
Another resident, Mrs Amara Chukwumeka, said it has become a kind of normalcy for the students to hide themselves in the bush even during school hours.
Chukwumeka noted that unless the bush was cleared, the students will continue to utilise it.
She expressed regrets that such thick bush could be seen in the centre of the community which was saturared with numerous modern day structures.
Some staff of the school who pleaded anonymity, said that they had approached the community over the issue, but did not receive a favourable reply.
They recalled that the bush was part of the challenge the school had ever faced since its inception.
On the allegation of providing cover for some students, they declined comments, but said such a place can nest anyone with criminal tendencies irrespective of the person’s occupation.
The Tide was informed that the bush was left in the area due to prolonged litigation between two claimants to the parcel of land. 
The said school is sited off SARS Road by Obio/Akpor International Market, Rukpokwu Community.

By: King Onunwor

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