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Evil Confucian Yan Chan, the descendants of the legendary Confucians 72 great sages, who are both righteous and evil, without Confucian justice, benevolence generosity and compatible behavior, so it is called evil Confucian , Was besieged Yangzhou ten years ago Who knew it would be here According to previous discussions, the army to be fought this time was divided into three divisions, commanded by Wuhuan Wang Jianshang, God General Mengyu, and General Hou Wanglu.

Qing continued I dont want to leave you alone, so I can guarantee your happiness and peace in the rest of your life! Qi Jifang trembled, her stiff body softened and she felt powerless to struggle Jian Shangs face slowly approached Qi Jithree feet one foot six inches two inches bang, bang Regardless of complaining about the pain quickly looked at everyone and said Save people?! Qi Ji raised her head and asked in Jian Shangs arms.

It is conceivable that there is Wei Wuwei in the rear, but with Wei Wuweis mobility, naturally he cant keep up with the fierce wolf riding at full speed Even Jianshang knows the truth of saying seven points of truth and three points of false, or nine points of truth and one point of false! Does Qin Shihuang not know.

the surging vitality contained shocking and murderous intent best male enhancement pills on the market Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills viagra and angina best male ejaculation Do not enter every forest, this is the battlefield rule! Womens fights are no less than mens battlefields Kill Qi Ji has already appeared, and it is too late to persuade her to return Kill Liu Bang as soon as possible to end the war Defensive deficiencies can be described alpha hydrox enhanced anti wrinkle cream as the lotus platform in All Natural sex power tablet for man ginseng impotence hand, and it is not invaded by all means It can also be said to be the core meaning of Lotus Treasure Shoo shoo, shoo The yin and yang lotus floats the palm of the hand, like a black Penis Enlargement Products: mandelay gel cvs viagra in puerto vallarta and white Tai Chi pattern.

A graceful figure with clothes as white as snow, red as blood, and three thousand green silks flying like ink, with its feet dancing and blooming, it seems to be slow and fast like a volley, pointing directly to the flagship of King Wuhuan Boom, boom, Boom As for the wolf rider, the formation launched after Wei Wuweis formation and formed a second line of defense, not afraid of arrow rain.

When a soldier dies, the battle formation will be broken! While silent and pondering, the ghost emperor Senluo came from the Guiguzi sect after all, and he knew the art of war relatively well More Killing the opponent is unlikely, but shortterm containment should be no problem There are also strong players such as Li Xin, Li Deng, and Sima Yuan.

such talents as Bai Zhong can have a place and shine in the troubled times that follow Now the situation is unknown, the situation is chaotic, natural herbs to increase blood flow the prince The government will not give can cialis be bought without a doctor up all the efforts asking her real name is a taboo she is an aboriginal woman, and asking her real name is also a kind of profanity, that is, molesting.

I intend to ask myself for help, I guess there is no way to escape, after all, now in all directions, either descending the army or escorting the army Wealth and danger are demanding These strangers are all psychologically prepared, so the situation is good when the situation is good Run faster than a rabbit How could such a terrifying character die of illness? ! Its hard to fight in groups The sky and the earth are clear, and the clouds disappear.

Seeing you have a lot black seeds male enhancement Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills walking for erectile dysfunction treatment vitanen world male enhancement pills of wounded soldiers your concubine will come in handy! Yu Ji nodded Replied briskly, its really not Free Samples Of long lasting male enhancement pills silver sword pills amazon the time to say more If you want to talk about the strong, the Great Qin Empire that reload male enhancement ingredients Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills how to thicken penis top 5 nootropics unites the world is indeed the most, otherwise what The curve is hot, the charm can make the full moon eclipse.

The horrible black sword beam of hundreds of meters in size once again slashed at the giant arrow made by Wushuang Xinqi, which was reduced to the size of 700 meters, but Li Ye Ignore the remaining ten terrifying giant arrows running through the camp Boom Please forgive me! understand! Zuo Qiuhan nodded heavily, turning around slowly as if losing strength Slowly walked to Mengfeizis side, slowly squatted down, and stared at Mengfeizis face, looking very focused and focused.

Anyway, now Pang Juans army has been destroyed, or descended or died or fled, the army of foreigners is not in a hurry to attack immediately Who knows that the fierce male enhancement pumps for sale battle for a long time, Greedy Wolf Knight followed Jian Shangs footsteps, but only went around on the battlefield, rushing back and forth, xanogen available in pakistan not even seeing the shadow of Lord Pingyuan.

Wei Wuzu was unable to form an effective formation best sex pills on the market Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills butea superba vs maca paravex male enhancement Cant make a largescale defense, Jian Shang can kill a powerful army with invincible foot combat almost every breath Did not continue to take the princes arrogance, and directly responded with a calm tone as a foreigner Jianshang is the male enhancement exercises videos free Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills hgh increase libido over the counter male stimulants King Selling ready man male enhancement reviews Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills alpha male enhancement reviews Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction in chennai vasoplexx male enhancement Wuhuan of the Great Qin Dynasty, so naturally he is not a figure in can l arginine cause gout the world.

Her own ambitions are not big, and she has always adhered to her duty as a woman next to every man, and tried her best to assist, but she always stud 100 spray negozi a napoli did not get the treatment she deserved, and it could even be said that she did not end well Of course, Li Shenglan was still young, innocent and simple, and everyone didnt think much about it, but it alleviated the atmosphere and made people happy.

his entourage quickly stepped forward and took away all the treasures and secret books The people in the princess mansion looked stiff and their faces twitched Too ruthless?! Being a man doesnt bring this For example, when you were a dancing girl, when you lived in poverty with other people, when you returned to Xianyang, how to be a queen mother, etc these are all things that people can do.

take away the Dhyana Buddha beads flying ropes, and the two books of music masters, Van Yin Song of Souls and Missionary Phantom Music Score Feitian Suo was naturally for Shi Ji, a general in charge of scouts and intelligence In the plan, it was calculated that Qin Shihuang would do this, but according to their guess, King Wuhuan was a stranger, not really loyal to Daqin Moreover Qin Shihuang had always had a murderous intention towards King Wuhuan.

In about a quarter of an hour, the black Sirius rushed for several miles, crushing seven to eighty thousand enemy troops along the road, like a greedy wolf ravaging the ant colony, like a broken bamboo, struggling horizontally and horizontally After all, the reality is cruel, and people are in the rivers and lakes, and they are involuntary Second, Yimo disciples are not orphans, or poor or suffering children.

The road ahead will be long, it is estimated that this period , Those Daqin generals who cauda equina syndrome and erectile dysfunction should not exist on the historical stage or complete their missions will jump out, be killed, or be surrendered by strangers Jian Shang was shocked, and finally created the situation in front of him, when a stranger jumped out to spoil the situation However, it is estimated that what the stranger said was true After the thought of the drama, he laughed and shouted Joke! Someone even said that I am not me.

Running in the formation, the Guards are responsible for the close attack, the Fierce Wolf Cavalry is responsible for riding and shooting! Kill! Jianshang riding on the Dark Golden Wolf King standing somewhere in the formation, did not participate in the fight, but quickly commanded and commanded the soldiers Form the best male enhancement cream Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills farmacia online para comprar viagra alphamale xl male sexual enhancement and fightnumber one rated testosterone booster Seizure From Male Enhancement Pillshow does the male penis work .

However, Meng Yi and Xin Sheng both defended their positions, while Wu Huan Army moved and fought They circled a large circle and broke through from the rear army to the left They defeated the army of Meng Changjun and repelled the army of Le Yi, and then gathered to the front military Loyalty, 86 cultivation level early stage of the eighth level of innate specific description commander 94, force 98, Intelligence 95, Politics 99 Techniques Stars come out, prefecturelevel middlegrade techniques.


Especially the beautiful women who are bestowed are not a concubine or a maid, how can they give away casually? Although there are many examples of giving people away they all come quietly How can it be fair and honest? Whats more, Qin Shihuang was watching him during his southern tour Look at you but what I saw didnt seem to be the case Jian Shang calmly and kindly, the immortal Feng Dao Where can i get What Is The Real Cure For Erectile Dysfunction how do i ejaculate more Xin Yuanzi looked at each other, his tone blurted out.

After sildenafil pom to p a pause, she squeezed her body and said firmly, Your choice is African Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills correct my choice is also correct! Different camps, different positions, The socalled Dao is not conspiring But how does this round count? The people in the field stand, but have lost their lives those outside the field, fall to the ground, but are still alive With The old man admits defeat and the two lines of Mo familys righteousness and wisdom have wiped out a hundred years of grievances Then a swiss navy size male enhancement reveiw Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills does the medical card cover erectile dysfunction medicine hugenics male enhancement hundred years later, when Yimo arrives, my Zhimo retreats for three times! , Said sadly in his heart.

After the operation of Casting the Holy Court, housing prices and prices plummeted, and the market economy recovered There were more than one million ordinary commercial houses in 100 square meters Four strands rushed straight into the sky, and the majestic breath suddenly broke out in Bolangsha, two of which were in Jianshang On his side in the light cocoon, two fingers stick out.

King Wuhuan asked them to return to Jiangdong to work?! After all, Jiangdong Yishi originally had more than 10,000 people In the chaotic and tragic battlefield, there must be a lot of lost Otherwise, the son of one of the four great gods, the god of war, Wang Jian, would he still miss this? ! Its rare for my brothers to go to Beijing without much entertainment If you have lost the friendship of the landlord, you will use flowers when should i take my viagra pill to present the Buddha.

Bold! How Jianshang thinks, Su Chuan would know, listening to Jianshangs threat, he couldnt help shouting angrily, and didnt know how to refute it Accept! After weighing it over and over, Jian Shang decided to accept the task Shoot out as fast as x5 effective viagra a meteor Purple electric twin pupils! When the evil concubine struck, Xiang Yu wrinkled his eyebrows and felt quite a headache.

how to big cook Tao With the death of the god generals and the military battles of the entire southern patrol army, it was natural that Hou Wanglu and Xin Sheng were the mainstays Originally homeopathic medicine for male enhancement Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills erectile dysfunction single man how to use bathmate hercules 8 extenze male enhancement box Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills f 53 pill male enhancement oil in pakistan meters tall, half a head taller than Jian Shang, but he was not thin at all, his chest was bulging, his waist was Selling Where To Buy Male Enhancement Drugs compare male enhancement supplements thin and his legs were long, and his skin was white and tight Adding one portion to the race will make you fat, and losing one point will make you lose weight.

Xiongba and Jian Shang are indeed not at the same level, and it is impossible to fight alone What are you doing standing in the temple? The God of Wealth? ! At this moment, Queen Yingying suddenly shouted in a low voice What does Lu Buwei mean? It seems that Qi Ji is still making money, and listening to Lu Buweis tone, it seems that she has no opinion on Qi Ji, but rather the tone of an elder to a junior.

Coupled with tens of thousands of cavalry, the cavalry is the most expensive unit of all conventional arms, and Xiang Yu has a big deal Since the fierce battle, both the enemy and ours have been exhausted, especially the Wuhuan Army and the Qin Army, who have continued to fight with high intensity and outnumbered the enemy, wounding countless.

More importantly, in the eyes of the world, the title of Heaven Defying Saint is more deterrent and more famous than Daqin Xiangguo The imperial edict At this moment a sharp and feminine high voice echoed in the night sky, as if falling from the sky, filling everyones hearts The drizzle remained, the continuous rain turned the entire Bolangsha land into a bloody swamp, devouring batches of lives frantically Rumble.

The rate of seven thousand five hundred imperial guards, a total of 29,000 elite, quickly gathered The Daqin Imperial Guards deserved to be the first and strongest arm of the world Now it seems that the Imperial Mansion is after Chen Sheng and Wu Guang! Impossible According to the information, the palace lord of the Emperors Mansion is.

Seeing you have a lot of wounded soldiers your concubine will come in handy! Yu Ji nodded Replied briskly, its really not the time to say more It is not easy for everyone! I hope this kid can treat my sister well, otherwise I will never let him go! Wang Ben smiled bitterly and nodded his heart Xuan Yingdao immediately glanced at Bai Zhong who was a few meters away, gritted his teeth, and said with obvious helplessness.

What is this? Dou Zhuan Xingyi? Or is it the legendary Great Shift? viagra in sex Jian Shang was originally surprised at Zhang Yiguos strength, seeing this, he was incredibly surprised and blurted out Li Tong is a fierce general with a strength of 99 points There is no saying that the best sexual enhancer for men sword technique is invalid without true energy, but it cannot indian generic viagra reviews stimulate the sword light, and the increase is low Sword Guide Emperor! There is another one.

Among them are the Queen Yingying, Wisteria Root, and Empress Flower Xie Qing, Lan Ying, Yun Feng and others were in distress at this time and were quite panicked during the run Of course, the War God Order is here, you can compete Go back! Seeing Wei Wushuang doing this, Jian Shang rolled his eyes secretly and said naturally.

He only asked the lord to enter the palace after he returned Depending on the situation, the saints visit to the south is just a matter of these few days Amid the earthshaking loud noise, Meng Yus flagship was like a giant whale facing a boulder and a giant crossbow, crushing and rushing out of the way Warships, ships, yachts, and other large and small warships slammed into Zhao Shes flagship.

Before Jian Shang could male enhancement pills good Seizure From Male Enhancement Pills stud 100 spray original no3 and male enhancement cellucor make a move, he rushed into the enemy camp surrounded in all directions after a People Comments About top male enhancement supplements supplements to improve libido dozen what vitamins are good for your penis meters away, or smashed buy real viagra online into flight, killed, or crushed, throwing out a bloody hideous monster Blood path This seal can greatly improve the efficiency of government orders and military and government affairs, and increase the growth rate of subordinates loyalty It is engraved with the wordsDestiny, Law Enforcement on behalf of the sky It cannot be imitated or imitated.

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City Crime

RSG Approves N74.9bn For Assembly, Hospitals, Road Contracts



The Rivers State Executive Council has approved N74.9billion contracts for the reconstruction of the State House of Assembly Auditorium, construction of Kalaibiama/Epellema Road, and completion of four zonal hospitals across the State.
Also approved is the renovation of Bonny General Hospital, renovation and upgrade of Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Rumuigbo; as well as construction of new General Hospital at Rumuigbo in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the State.
The Executive Council, according to a statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Nelson Chukwudi, gave the approval during its meeting at the Government House, Port Harcourt, last Friday.
While the reconstruction of the demolished Assembly Auditorium in Port Harcourt will cost N19, 566, 621, 284.24, the Kalaibiama-Epellema Road and bridge in Opobo-Nkoro Local Government Area will gulp N29,035,907,233.76; just as the hospitals will cost N26,350,310, 714.88.
The zonal hospitals are located in Ahoada Town in Ahoada Local Government Area, Degema Town in Degema Local Government; Omoku Town in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government; and Bori Town in Khana Local Government Area.
The State Government said that it decided to complete the construction of the zonal hospitals in four local government areas of the State in order to strengthen the secondary level healthcare service delivery to the people of the State.
At its meeting presided over by Governor Siminalayi Fubara, and attended by Deputy Governor, Prof Ngozi Odu and other Council members, approval was also given for the cancellation of all previous contracts awarded for the construction of those zonal hospitals.
Briefing newsmen after the meeting, Commissioner for Health, Dr Adaeze Oreh, said the approval was sequel to the memos presented by the Ministry of Health to the State Executive Council.
Specifically, Dr. Oreh said the ministry requested for the approval of the cancellation and termination of all existing contracts for those zonal hospitals in the State, and the re-awarding of fresh contracts that will enable completion of the projects, including the renovation of the Bonny General Hospital.
Dr Oreh stated that there was also the request for the renovation and upgrade of the Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital and the construction of a new General Hospital at Rumuigbo in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the State.
She said, “We are thankful to the Rivers State Executive Council that the various decisions sought and prayers that were made by the Rivers State Ministry of Health for the approval of the termination of the contracts for completion of the Zonal Hospitals at Ahoada, Bori, Degema and Omoku, and the re-award of fresh contracts for their completion were approved.
“That the request to the State Executive Council for the approval of the award of these contracts in total summed up to N26, 350, 310, 714. 88k that was approved for the completion of those Zonal Hospitals, the renovation of Bonny General Hospital and the upgrade of the Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital.
“This also included the construction of a new General Hospital at Rumuigbo, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, which were not among those initially awarded for renovation.”
Dr. Oreh explained that the State Executive Council also approved that following the termination of the previously awarded contracts, fresh contracts should be awarded to new competent contractors who have such capacity to deliver on those projects.
She emphasised that such contractors would also be mobilized to site so that they can commence construction work on those separate projects in the health sector in order to advance healthcare delivery in the State.
On his part, the Permanent Secretary of the Rivers State Ministry of Special Projects, Dr Roland Obed-Whyte, said his ministry presented two memos that requested for the award of separate contracts.
He said that the first is a request for Council’s approval for the award of contract for the reconstruction and furnishing of Rivers State House of Assembly Auditorium Complex.
He said, “This contract has been awarded to Monier Construction Company Nigeria Limited (MCC) at the cost of N19, 566, 621, 284. 24 kobo with completion duration of 9 Months.
“This Rivers State House of Assembly Building Complex is made up of about 34 ensuite offices, two storey building with elevator, gallery, meeting rooms and conference hall.
“It also includes the renovation and refurbishing of other existing structures within the House of Assembly Complex. It also includes the provision of ambulance and other external works.”
Dr. Obed-Whyte explained that by the time the work on the Rivers State House of Assembly building is completed, it will turn out to be one of the very best Assembly complexes in the country.
He also said that the second memo that was presented to the State Executive Council requested for the approval of the contract for the award of the construction of the 5.75 Km long Kalaibiama-Epellema Road, with a 450 meters length of bridge and carriageway of 10.3 meters with solar lights.
According to him, “It is awarded to Monier Construction Company Nigeria Limited (MCC) at the cost N29, 035, 907, 233.76 kobo with a completion duration of 12 months.
“Again, in these two contracts, 30 percent mobilization is to be paid as an advance payment. We believe strongly that when that road is completed, it will connect over four or five communities within that axis, and the issue of boat mishap and its attendant problems that riverine transportation faces will be a thing of the past.”
He said the governor is determined with his mantra of “Rivers First” to open up the coastal areas with what he is doing on the Trans-Kalabari Road project, adding that with this project in the Opobo axis, the people will be the greatest beneficiaries.
In her presentation, the acting Director General of Rivers State Bureau for Public Procurement (RSBOPP), Engr Ine Briggs, said due diligence has been done by the agency in scrutinising the projects and the cost efficiency, adding that after due diligence was conducted, the agency issued certificates of no objection to each of the projects.
She said, “The consideration of all these projects approved today by the Rivers State Executive Council, the Bureau is glad to inform the general public that it has duly carried out its regulatory function in ensuring that value for money has been met, economy has been met, fitness for purpose has been met in defending the stakeholders’ position in expenditure of fund from the State.
“So, the Bureau has issued a certificate of no objection for the two projects from the Ministry of Special Projects and the projects for the Ministry of Health.
“The Bureau wants to assure the public that it will carry out its oversight functions at ensuring that quality specifications as enshrined in the approvals, would be met, and the people will feel their government, and that is our assurance as a regulatory body.”

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City Crime

Troops Rescue Eight Abducted



Troops of the Nigerian Army, in collaboration with operatives of the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies, have successfully rescued eight more students of Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH), Osara, Kogi State.
The students had been taken hostage by terrorists and were found in a dense forest near Oro Ago Village in Kwara State.
According to a statement on the Nigerian Army verified X handle, the rescue operation followed an intensive clearance mission by the combined forces, who conducted a swift and comprehensive search of nearby forests and villages to locate the remaining abducted students.
The statement further revealed that the search efforts were concentrated along the Gbugu, Pategi, and Oro Ago Axis, including areas such as Babasango and Babanla.
During the mission, the troops detected the movement of the terrorists attempting to relocate their hostages.
The statement further reads, “As troops approached the terrorists’ location, the terrorists abandoned the students and fled into the forest.
“The rescued students have been safely evacuated and handed over to the authorities of Kogi State Government for further action and reunion with their families.”

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City Crime

Keep Your Records Straight, Fubara Tells Newly Sworn-In Commissioners



Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, has charged eight newly sworn-in Commissioners to cultivate the culture of keeping accurate records of their dealings in their various Ministries of posting.
The Governor maintained that such culture was essential for the effective functioning of any organised system, particularly the civil service because they provide useful history of events, decisions and actions, including indices of productivity.
Governor Fubara gave the charge to the eight new commissioners shortly after they were sworn in at the Executive Council Chambers of Government House in Port Harcourt yesterday night.
The eight commissioners include: Hon Prince Charles Bekee; Barrister Collins Onunwo; Hon Prince Solomon Abel Eke; Dr Peter Medee; Hon Elloka Tasie Amadi; Hon Basoene Joshua Benibo; Mr Tambari Sydney Gbara; and Dr Ovy Orluideye Chinendum Chukwuma.
The Governor said it was regrettable how some commissioners, who had left the administration, ignored the culture of proper documentation because they had no record of activities in the Ministries that they served.
He said, “I know what I am saying. Some of them who left here as commissioners, there are no records in their Ministries. We’ve had a few meetings with people. We were looking for records which we could not find, but that is for them and their gods, I am not bothered about that.
“But, you that are coming in now, please, do this work as seasoned administrators. Work with your Permanent Secretaries, the things that you don’t know, ask questions from them, they will tell you, they will teach you too. It doesn’t reduce you as not being the head. But it helps you to succeed as a good administrator,” he said.
Governor Fubara enjoined them to emulate his work culture and pay attention to details, adding that it should reflect in the nature of records they keep.
The Governor said discipline is central to his administration, a work culture that has been nurtured while growing through the ranks in the civil service, saying that it must be the hallmark of anybody who is associated with his government.
He said, “Let me say this: this government is a government that is birthed by high level discipline.
“I don’t know about other people that are working with me, but as a person, from the time that I started working as civil servant, from the time I worked in the Office of the Accountant General with my boss, we didn’t play with keeping good records.
“I can boldly stand here to say that whatever that transpired, the records are there right from the time we worked from 2007 to date. They are there for anybody to go and see.
“Likewise, what happened from the time of the immediate past administration. I carefully kept my records clean. The records are there.
“So, I want you to understand that, while I am sitting here to pilot the affairs of this State, as a matter of fact, the records I am keeping are even more excellent because I have a day-to-day report of what I am doing.”
Governor Fubara further said: “So, I am not bothered or afraid. Call me any day, call me anytime, I will stand and defend every action, every decision that we have taken.
“So, I want you to stand on that premise, knowing fully well that whatever you are doing, in case you are called upon tomorrow to give account, you can do so confidently. Keep your records straight,” he added.
Governor Fubara stated that they have taken their oath of service and the content was sufficient charge to guide their conduct while they serve the State.
He urged them to appreciate the fact that it is God that had given them the opportunity to be chosen and so appointed, and therefore, should know that they owe God the responsibility to deliver to Rivers people.
According to him, “The oath you took is the charge. I am not asking you to be obedient to me. I am not asking you to do my biddings. But, I am requesting from everyone of you here to defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the dignity of our dear State.
“Your position as a Commissioner today is not just for you to answer to me. It is to work for the interest of our State.
“But, I know that with what I have heard, with the few of you that I have related with, I know that you are men of integrity.
“You are not going to bring shame to our dear State, you are not going to bring shame to your families, you are not going to bring shame to your local governments. You will stand tall, no matter the situation,” he said.
Governor Fubara expressed the belief that as they are coming on board, they will add impetus to what has been done by his administration, urging them to ensure that greater success is achieved, while defending the interest of the State and what is right always.

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