Secular Humanism As Cause Of Moral Decay


It is not an overstatement to say that moral standard in our society has for long been trampled upon due to high crave for materialism.
While the average adults in our society indulge on illicit financial dealings, cronyism and insincerity in both high and low levels, the youths and children rake in other vices such as sexual abuse, destruction of lives and property, robbery, murder, ritual killings, cultism, flagrant breaking of laws and order, disrespect, indolence, drunkenness, drug addiction, thuggery etc. Everybody in Nigeria live in fear and worry over the level of moral decay that permeates the entire country.
Some may attribute this to civilization and westernization, but my expectation of civilization is a well developed and organized human society. It should be that of a positive human relationship, respect for self, law and maturity translated into acceptable mannerism.
In recent time, we have experienced militancy, kidnapping and abduction perpetrated by youths including students and non-students. This widespread moral decadence in the entire society can be attributed to the satanic principle of secular humanism embraced by all humanity today.
This philosophical principle emphasizes humans functioning independently from God and His written revelation. Secular humanism has become the underlying philosophy and accepted religion in secular education, government and society in general, and it is also the established viewpoint of most of the news and entertainment media throughout the world. This principle is also adopted by churches today.
In this philosophy, people teach and also believe that humanity, the universe and all that exists consist only of matter and energy shaped into their present form by impersonal chance. This implies human operating only in the physical and work through motivational force.
They also believe that humans have not been created by a personal God, but are the product of a chance process of evolution. They reject belief in a personal, infinite God and denies that the Bible is the inspired revelation of God to the human race. This erases the fear of God from many hearts, making them to do whatsoever they will and also disbelieve the eternal judgment of God on all evil doers.
This philosophy asserts that knowledge does not exist anywhere apart from human discovery, and that human reason determines the appropriate ethics of society, thereby making human beings the ultimate authority concerning moral choice.
Again, this philosophy considers human self- fulfillment, satisfaction and pleasure to be the highest good in life, while it maintains that people should learn to cope with death and the difficulties in life without belief in or dependence on God.
This philosophy of secular humanism is satanic and an expression of satan’s lie that humans can be like God.
Humanism has therefore made people to change the truth or God into a lie, to worship and serve the creatures more than God. It has also caused parents to concentrate only on making a living for their children rather than teaching them how to live. It has eroded the fear of God in many lives, trivialized evil and truncated God’s eternal judgment against evil doings. That is why ritual killings, fraud, avarice, robbery of all kinds, occultism, cheating, vendetta and all shades of open and secret vices are manifesting without remorse.
Even with the proliferation of churches, people now draw near to God with their mouths, and honour him with their lips, but their heart is far from God. They worship God in vain and their teachings are but rules taught by men. Because mankind cannot deny the existence of God, they now try to claim they know God but in their actions they deny Him, they become detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.
These erroneous precepts are daily imbibed, internalized and unwittingly transmitted into the children, both in the family, society and in the schools forgetting that laying emphasis only on intellectual and skill development is capable of turning the society into a godless society.
Let us not forget that the missionaries who brought the formal education which we now price above rubis included scriptural-base moral instruction as part of the curriculum. This is because of the indispensability of moral in the overall development of man and the society. Unfortunately, in the process of modification, the subject was dropped and considered as a religious dogma.
Man is a religious animal. To buttress this, I borrow the words of moral philosopher, Professor Ogbonna who states inter alia: “Morality cannot exist without religion, because religion formed the basis of moral development among the people in a given society. It is difficult to practice good moral without tracing its foundation to religion. People exhibit good behaviour as to derive total happiness, please God and obey his commandment so as to avoid being punished by God.
“God is the final guardian of law, order and of moral codes. The man which is a moral agent is from religion. The man’s existence and origin is therefore traceable to God, the Maker and Creator of the whole world. God is the foundation of religion and the man that practices it in the society that God created is a religious animal or being and the development of morality is based on the man which is a religious being; therefore the role of religion in moral development cannot be over – emphasised”.
The philosophy of secular humanism has therefore drawn man away from relying basically on issues of sound moral consciousness to a point of self-management and godlessness.
Even some of the world leaders we imitate acknowledged the essence of God.
The moral problem we have at all levels of our society today, mostly among our youths, is because we have forgotten God, relegated scriptural-base moral instruction to the background and have busied ourselves with mad-throng for wealth, name and position and also teach our children the same. This neglect of God and lack of fear of divine punishment is the cause of large-scale corruption in our society today.
Let us return to this forgotten imperative and teach our youths and children the indispensability of God-factor in everything we do or believe. With time our society will change for the better.

Pastor Anaemeje writes from Port Harcourt.