Horse race punters continue to be inspired by these zero-to-hero horses


Easily one of the most exciting sports events, horse racing also offers plenty of thrill and entertainment as it gives people an opportunity to win large sums of money, in the quickest manner possible. The pay outs can be even larger if you back an underdog and he upsets every favoured runner on the field!

Considering the huge variety of bonus offers provided by online bookmakers these days, for instance, Paddy Power free bet etc., horse race betting has become even more popular among the masses. Let’s take you through some zero to hero horses that continue to inspire punters world over.


This happened fairly recently at the Vodacom Durban July in the year 2016. The race is considered the biggest horseracing event in South Africa. Conglomerate started with odds of 20 – 1, and went on to win the main race. He was ridden by Pierre Strydom, the veteran jockey, and sprung into lead 300 metres from the finish line, winning the prize money of R4.25 million!


Having an incredible bloodline, including the likes of American Pharoah, War Admiral and Seabiscuit, Man O War was the favourite going into the race in the year 1919. He would have won if the race was 6 metres longer, but the aptly named horse Upset, did exactly what he was named to do, causing a major upset! Man O War used to be considered one of the best horses of all time, having won 20 of his 21 career races.



Termed as one of the biggest horseracing upsets in the history of American horseracing, this one was caused in the Kentucky Derby, in the year 1913, when a local horse named Donerail, fought back his 91 – 1 odds and beat Ten Point, the favourite to win the race that day. He beat Ten Point by a close margin of half a length!

Dark Star

Not that Dark Star was an unknown horse and devoid of any skills, as he had successfully won the Derby Trial a few days prior to the concerned race, but he was competing against Native Dancer, popularly known as ‘The Grey Ghost.’ The latter had won 11 out of his 11 races. Dark Star went at odds of 25 – 1 for that race, but he proved everyone wrong, making it the only race that The Grey Ghost lost in his 22-race long career.


The Breeders’ Cup Classic is a well-known horse race event that attracts some of the best racehorses from all over the world. While it is well-known for some of the biggest horseracing wins, it is also popular for witnessing some equally bigger losses. Having raced only on grass before the 1933 (year) edition of the race, Arcangues was given the odds of 133 – 1 by the bookmakers. Another reason why he went at those odds was because he was ridden by a replacement jockey (brought in at the last minute) who couldn’t even utter ‘Arangues’ correctly! He beat the French favourite Bertrando, making huge sums of money for some lucky punters!