Men, Women And Money Appeal


Women are the same sharing the same fear, hopes and dreams. This proves exceptionally true when it has to do with their perception of their dream men.

One thing stands out. Women irrespective of their religious and cultural difference, admire men who have money. They seem to believe a man with money can easily find his way. Apart from money, they rated behaviour above looks.

Although they played down  on the physical looks, a man need neither be a Mr. universe nor an ape. But it seems an unattractive man stands a better chance of winning a very beautiful woman’s heart if he has the money than a poor handsome man. Tonye Philips, married with two kids said, “the man doesn’t have to be rich. He must be comfortable with potentials to be rich afterwards.”

Simply said, “he must have Adamma Cash.” Gladys Brown who is into a steady relationship was more explicit. She said, “He should have serious potentials of being wealthy”, she measures this potentials from his attitude to work. Gladys believes that if a man takes his job, which is his means of livelihood, seriously, it shows that he can take care of his family.

Closely related to money is ambition in a man. Women can’t stand men who simply float along. Biobele said, “a man must be ambitious, Marian share her views. Betty David said a man must have a sense of direction.

From women’s point of view the behaviour of a man is very, very important. Betty David, admires an honest, down to earth and an understanding man. Marian said a man should not be afraid to show love, beloved women, appreciate the little gestures that go with love but do not see it as a sign of weakness as most men are wont to believe.

In addition, Tonye Philips said a man must be confident and capable of remaining calm especially in tough situation.

From Bridget Briggs eyes, a man should know how to take care of the needs of a woman. She said it is indecent for a man to wait for a woman to make request of him.

Although looks in a man did not take a prime place, it is necessary for a man to look attractive to woman, abhor, fat, flaps and folds in men. Marian captures the pictures . When she said, “I admire a perfect broad shoulder, slim waist man. But, he needs to look like Mike Tyson.”

Christy Miebaka said almost the same thing, “A man should have a well built body and not fat.”

As part of his looks, the hair is very, very important.

Today, women adore fashionable men. Men who have an eye for what is beautiful and neat such as a low cropped hair. Details such as his eyebrow, moustache, beards and

underarms must be very neat.

Betty David, spoke against dirty fingers and toes they are repulsive. On neatness Obika

who is married with a child said a man must be neat up to his pants, she said, “Some men

do not wash there underwears, socks etc.”

A well groomed man knows it. He should be clean and definitely walk with confidence.

Philip who is a devoted Christian said the bottom line is a well packaged man whom the woman can respect and be proud of.

Amogst the things women find hard to tolerate in a man are foul smell, unkempt look, womanising boastful or idle talk attitude. Chrity Miebaka said, “I can’t stand a man with body odour, or bad breath. Men who are too full of themselves, fault finders, wives beaters and mummy’s boys aren’t my type”.

Gladys also detests strong attitude to the extended family. She explained that in a relationship, the man must price her higher than the extended family. She simply said, “I should be first not the extended family.

Besides, Gladys said “ a man should act more rather than talks”, talking too much sometimes tends to nurture gossip.

Briggs Bridget agreed on this, in this category are men who carry their shoulder in a shoblish way. Acting as if they are better than others. Women can’t stand them.

Biobele said she finds extreme jealousy hard to cope with. Although a man needs to display little traits of jealousy. When it gets to extreme, Biobele said it can be suffocating.

Gladys does not find dirty fingers, toes and seat stained under arms appealing. Another turn off is a man who wears loose under pants, ironically, Biobele finds men without under wear exciting. In the eyes of Uche Sam a man who could not express himself fluently is a turn off. Other women were not different in their views.

Above all, women find an athiest a turn off.

Phoebe desired a man with the fear of God. Tonye feels same I don’t like a man that is not Godly, A man without the fear of God is devoid of conscience to take good care of a lady. Although most women shied away from the physical side of the relationship Tonye spoke on behalf of all. When she stressed that a man that is not good is bed in unaccepted.

Turn ons on Women are as follows money, neatness, fine body and caring attitude.

Turn off can be excess fat, unkept looks, nagging and womanising.

So women the choice is all yours.

Good luck.


Julie Jumbo