JAMB And Its Inconsistencies


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a household name in Nigeria. This body carries out many functions; namely: Registration of candidates, conduct of entrance examination into tertiary institutions, provision of materials for the examination and the release of results to its candidates. In the days when technology was not at our doorstep, JAMB was consistent in carrying out its obligations without much stress and pressure based on the trend of information and technology by then.

In those days, JAMB candidates could easily access their results through post office addresses. Even when GSM was not in operation you could get JAMB’S attention through letter writing without fear.

Today, however, the reverse is the case. The monopoly of this examination by JAMB is a source of concern to candidates whose fate to gain admission into tertiary institution is determined by JAMB.

It is ironical that the innovations in JAMB’S activities have not improved its performance. Even though everything about JAMB is on-line, candidates are yet to enjoy the best service delivery to justify their huge expenses. Candidates are required to buy scratch cards for registration for internet use. But to get JAMB web-site on internet is a serious problem. If you make a mistake in the course of registration, JAMB will fine you to the sum of N2,500.00, but nobody fines JAMB when its web-site and public service telephone numbers are not accessible.

Another inconsistency in JAMB services is in the area of issuance or sending of results to candidates. Is it not fraudulent for JAMB to ask candidates who have sat for the examination to go and purchase “Result scratch cards to access their results when they had already included their E-mail box, GSM numbers and postal address in their registration forms? When a candidate has fulfilled every requirement that will make JAMB to serve the candidates, why should candidates be compelled to buy the scratch card to access their results again? This is fraud in a broad daylight. What then is the purpose of fulfilling JAMB’s requirements?

Indeed, the pressure and stress which JAMB is putting on candidates is inhuman and unfair. Despite the huge expenses made by candidates.

This, to me, is a breach of contract. This practice by JAMB also encourages examination mal-practice and corruption in our school system.

Unfortunately, our government does not seem to pay attention to what is happening. When you unleash terror on the leaders of tomorrow, what do you expect? Terror of course! I therefore appeal to our government to rescue our children from this exploitation by JAMB.

For justice, transparency and equity to reign, JAMB should be consistent in its services to the candidates. Let the examination body in this country do the right thing.

Exploitation of candidates is not part of the statutory responsibilities of the exam body.

Candidates should be given ample opportunity to seek redress from a supervisory body when their rights are infringed upon by the JAMB.

I therefore call for the establishment a neutral body that can oversee the activities of JAMB and possibly check their excesses. Such supervisory body can be called National Examination Council and given the right to receive petitions from candidates investigate such petitions and ensure that the injured candidate is compensated appropriately.

JAMB can also be made to pay some fines where they have been found to act in ways that are contrary to their statutory mandate.

Eneawaji lives in Port Harcourt.


Frank Eneawaji