Explaining True Christianity


I wish to share this light of the gospel of Christ to all, especially those who want to make heaven at the end of their lives journey on Earth, so that their faith may be sound and spiritually established in the truth and their spirits sanctified as we await the second coming of the Messiah. It is also intended to correct the wrong message I read in one of our national dailies that Christians should serve God the Father instead of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Please note that Jesus Christ’s oneness with his Father does not render him redundant in the world.
The readers can prayerfully read the message of Apostle Peter on the day of Pentecost (Act 2:1-14-41) and his message to Cornelius in Acts 10: 28-44. They should read the message of Philip to Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8: 26-39) and also Apostle Paul’s message to people of Antioch. In these messages, Christ was preached as the Saviour of those who believe in him, ‘believe’ here means worship, service to him and obedience to his commandment (Mathew 28: 20). The Apostles were not presenting God to the people to believe on and serve him (God) rather they presented the Son of God as Lord, Saviour, King, redeemer, and they should seek him and trust (Act 17: 27). Please note that Jesus was introduced by Apostle Peter as Lord and Christ (Acts 2: 36). So in the New Testament, the name Lord is referred to Christ (2 Peter 3: 2). Also note the Prophets preached and taught about God while the Apostles of the Lord and Saviour preached and taught about Christ (1Corinth1: 23).
It is important we understand that God’s oracle was given only to the children of Israel and not to the whole world (Romans 3: 1-3). The Lord Jesus Christ was sent to the whole world- (John 3: 16). The children of Israel served and worshipped the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Old Testament era while the whole world, including Nigeria, served and worshipped the gods of the world. At the arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ on Earth, God directed all his Angels to worship his Son (Hebrew 1: 6) meaning true children of God on Earth should serve the Son of God- (Daniel 7: 13-14. Romans 1: 1, Philippians 1: 1, John 12: 26). That is why the religion the Lord Jesus Christ came and established with his sacrifice and blood is called after him- Christianity.
How can anybody with the right spiritual senses and judgment believe that the Son of God came down, established a church, went back to heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords handed over the Church to His Father folded his arms and watched Him struggle with sinners in the church. This is not possible but because of unbelief by so-called present day Christians who refuse to accept that God has highly exalted his Son and given him a name that is above every other name, made him head over the Church he established and head over Satan the god of this world and heir of his creation (Hebrew 2: 7-8 & Philippian 2: 9-11). Christians of this generation bye-pass the Lord Jesus Christ the head of the true Church of God on Earth and chase after shadow by looking for the Almighty God in disobedience to the gospel (Hebrew 12: 2), thereby handing over their churches to the god of this world-Satan and deceiving the world that they are serving and following the Almighty God. It is pity!
The Almighty God does not receive worship from any man or groups in this generation because of sin; His Son worshipped and served him for all mankind. The Lord Jesus serves the souls of faithful ones from sin, answers their prayers and leads them and preserved them against Satan in the world (John10: 3&10) Please think for a moment, how can those who are serving and following the Almighty God answer the name Christians which is after the Son of God, instead of answering a name after the God they serve and follow. Who is greater? Is Jesus Christ greater than His father? No! The truth is the Disciples of Christ, were first called Christians at Antioch (Acts 11: 26 & 1Peter 16).
The first believers were servants of Jesus Christ, who trusted in him, worshipped, worked signs and wonders (miracles) in his name and lived their lives according to his teachings. That is why they were so nick-named Christians. They followed his instructions (Matt. 28: 20), preached and taught about him. For these reasons they were persecuted, some were killed for their faith in Christ.
Christianity is all about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Almighty God of true Christians (Revelation1: 8). The Father made him a God to the Church (Hebrew1: 8), the same way He made Moses a god to Pharaoh (Exodus 7:1)
The Lord Jesus Christ said, I am with you always, even to the end of the world- (Matthew 28 : 20 & 2 Timothy 4: 22). In the Old Testament, God sent his Angel to be with his people-(Psalms 91:11) while in the New Testament the Lord Jesus Christ is present with his followers and worshippers on Earth through the power of the Holy Spirit. He will return to receive his servant unto himself at his second coming. Join the fold of Christ today, repent from your sins and learn to obey the gospel of Christ (Mark1: 15 & Matth.11: 28-30).
Let all true Christians stop deceiving themselves and the younger generation, they should all believe on the Son of God, worship, serve and follow the scripture for this generation (New Testament). They should all pray to and call on the name of the Son of GOD for his intervention in our lives. Churches, families and nations should resist Satan in this generation. It is only Jesus Christ that can stop the power and influence of Islam in Nigeria because He is Lord of all.
Apostle Daniel is of Ancient of Days Pentecostal Church, PH.


Udo-Ekong Daniel