Going Bald For A Fresh Look


Going bald had long been identified as a fashion for the male folk, until lately when ladies and women suddenly realised they could be quite appealing and inviting in bald look. That is , there is a spark of youthfulness in every lady, which best popped up when dressed in nature’s own way?
Those who have discovered this fact testify that they are at their best in low-cut hairs and, of course, you can say that again and again. For sure, this is the new lyric in town, “I am better of in short hairs”.
It’s quite amazing how the trend rolls around like a ball. Before, it was considered absurd to have a lady wear a low cut, probably because it paints a picture of one still in the dark, uninformed and in-exposed. Is that really the truth?
Perhaps you are yet to see some exquisite short-cut hairstyles that can lure you to give up your long hairs. Low cut hairs are most fashionable when left natural. Its limitless styling options are worth exploring by black women.
Styles like versatile bob with different angles, straightened, and typical African are but the few you need to highlight the youthfulness in you. Besides, the special texture of the black woman’s hair makes it unmatchable with so many lengths and styles. Only short hairs can perfectly compete the look you need to be your admirers’ model.
It is indeed the vogue of the moment, it is the celebrities’ delight. Nothing says edgy and stylish like short hair-dos. So, why not join the trendy train? No doubt, short hairs flatter black ladies just like the men.


Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi