Union Seeks RSG’s Support On Meat Security

Chairman of National Butchers Association of Nigeria, Rivers State chapter, Alhaji Musa Baba Ahmed

The Chairman, National Butchers Union of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter, Alhaji Musa Baba Ahmad has said that the current meat security threats in Rivers State have nothing to do with unhealthy animals or negligence from the state government.
He made the statement yesterday in response to allegations made against the Rivers State Government by callers on Today 95.1FM discussion progammeon a report of a man accused of selling contaminated cow skin (Ganda) in Lagos.
The butchers’ chairman, however, confirmed that there are donkeys and horses meat on sale in markets and streets across the state but that the donkeys and horses meat were transported into the state from neighboring states, adding that there are meat of unhealthy cows and goats transported from North into the state also.
Baba Ahmad added that, “We have no any legal backing to arrest people transporting contaminated meat into the state without the help and support of the State government. But in our little way we have taken some measures to interrupt sales of contaminated meat across the state.”
“We do not allow any cow or goat that is not health standard to be slaughtered in any abattoir across the state, and officers from ministry of agriculture and ministry of health must inspect the animal before slaughtering and the meat before selling. So any meat from any of the abattoirs is standard beyond reasonable doubt.”
He also called the attention of the State Government to help them to bring an end to selling of contaminated meat in the state. “We are anticipating that Governor Wike will surely help us as he is a statesman not just a politician. and he is a person that put his state first before himself.”
As the re-elected Rivers state governor, Wike pledged to focus on security and agriculture.
Also, the Chief Judge of NBUN Rivers State chapter Alh. Scalar Tunji Niyi pledged to support NBUN. He further explained what Alh. Musa Baba Ahmad has done well in respect to security more than other past Chairmen of the NBUN in the state, “With the help of NBUN Chairman, two Boko Haram members were apprehended in Oginigba Slaughter main Market by military intelligent”
He added that before the inception of Alh. Musa Baba Ahmad as the chairman of NBUN, Oginigba Slaughter main Market had become a battle field for cultists that had claimed two or three lives daily and customers were injured daily. But today, peace has returned to the market.”
He concluded that “With the help of our chairman, NBUN in Rivers is ever ready to support the government on security and agriculture.”