NBBF Board Holds Successful AGM In Abuja


The Nigeria Basketball Federation led by Engr. Musa Kida held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Stakeholders forum today April 13th, 2019 in Abuja and it ended on a successful note.
Today’s event is the first AGM of the Nigeria Basketball Federations which was held earlier today was an event to share ideas and understanding and transcending it together.
Head of the Federation Musa Kida spoke to brila.net after the event said that the reason for holding the first AGM at this point after the Nigeria Basketball family entrusted the board with running the affairs of basketball in 2017 is to share ideas, examine the past, understanding and transcend it together.
Speaking further the president stated that the background of the acrimonious election in 2017, this is indeed a time for sober reflection for us concerning the state of our basketball in the country.