NOA Tasks Farmers On Crops Preservation


The Director-General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr Garba Abari, has advised Nigerians to stop using chemical substances for preservation of farm produce to avoid harmful effects on the health of consumers.
Abari in a statement yesterdfay in Abuja said it was shocking that farmers and food sellers had resorted to the use of chemical substances without the knowledge of health hazard on consumers.
“I am shocked that Nigerians will use chemicals such as Sniper for preserving food and grains. It is a harsh agro chemical that often results in mortality of living objects it comes into contact with.
“Nigerians should be told about it and made to stop it,” he said.
On the spread of food substances along the road, the NOA boss warned that the natural consequence was that it would collect fumes and dust from vehicles and other elements in the atmosphere.
“This is some of the reasons why some people have cancer and other ailments that are intractable.
“NOA will collaborate with relevant agencies to create awareness on the need for people to shun dangerous and unhygienic practices in the preservation of farm and food produce,” he said.