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What is this buzz about term insurance plans?



Most people in India are familiar with life insurances and many are even insured under various policies. Term insurance plan is very popular among the Indian population due to the benefits it provides. The simplicity and the low risk factor makes this a go to option for the Indian population looking to get covered. The term insurance plans are cheaper than other insurance policies and provide the same coverage as the others. This also makes the term insurance plans more preferred by the general Indian population.

What is a term insurance?
Term Insurance plans are pure risk insurance policies. The term insurance plan covers for the misfortunate death of the person insured. Like all insurance policies, the person looking to get insured will pay the premium for the policy. The premium paid is according to the duration the plan goes on for. The beneficiaries receive the profits and benefits if the person insured dies while the policy term is still active. There is no maturity or survival benefit if the person who is ensured outlasts the policy term. The term insurance plan is simple, you pick a term period you want to be covered for and then you pay the premium for policy term.
Term plans have various offers for coverage ranging from 5 years to 30 years depending on the insurance company. Insurance companies such as MetLife Insurance offer coverage up to 99 years along with pay out options that are flexible and other tax benefits. Term insurance plans are popular as they have a low-cost value than the various insurance policies while providing the same protection. Term insurance plans offer a much higher return than the premium invested.

What are the advantages of term insurance plans?

Term insurance plans are easy to understand than other plans like the endowment policies. Endowment policies combine savings with risk cover. Plans that comprise saving components with risk covers are called cash value plans. To part the premium a person pays into the amount being invested on their behalf as savings and risk cover cost is not easy for anyone. Planning financials goals around policies such as the cash value plans is a lot more complicated than the term insure plans which are straight forward. Term life insurances are simple as the person pays the premium and gets the coverage he or she wants for a set term. Meanwhile, cash value plans also have rules regarding things like size of an insured person’s cash savings, repayment of policy loans etc. which make understanding the policy even harder. This simplicity acts as an advantage in the favour of term insurance plans.


Term insurance plans are flexible as it is really easy to opt out of these policies. Opting out of term insurance plans is easy as all the insured person has to do is to not pay the premium. Once the insured person does not pay the premium the policy will end. Nothing is paid to the insured though as there is no element of saving in this policy. In cash value policies there is a saving element involved and the person is offered a full survival benefit if they hold it for a full tenure. Therefore, making it harder for the insured to opt out. Besides the freedom to opt out whenever the insured wants, they can also renew the plan after it is over and even convert the term plan into an endowment policy if they want. An insured person can also increase the term of the policy further if they want to.

Availability of plans for every budget

If an individual’s budget is a tight one and they need coverage the term insurance plans are more preferable than the cash value plans. Cash value plans cost more than the term insurance plans. This policy is suitable for those who have low income or are the sole bread winners in the family as they do not require a large premium to provide coverage. On the basis of price, term policies are easily comparable with each other. Due to all of them having a similar structure and being easy to understand the market of term policies is booming. This provides the buyer with competitive prices and few problems related to information.

Lower premiums

The premium for term insurance plans are a lot lower than that for the cash value policies of the same comparison. The annual premium is about Rs 50,000 for an endowment policy with profits. With the death benefits being exactly the same as the term insurance plan, the annual premium will be slightly above Rs 30,000 for an endowment policy without profits.
Meanwhile, a 30-year old person can purchase a level term insurance policy for a set term of 20 years with an assured sum of Rs 10 Lakhs to beneficiary for an annual premium of just Rs 3000.

Full coverage for family

Term insurance plans ensure future insurability. Term insurance plan is the minimum requirement to secure your family members financially in case of an untimely death. The most cost-efficient way to protect an individual’s income in the future from the risk of them dying before they have rightfully earned it is a term insurance plan. Inexpensive term insurance policies can be converted into cash value policies in the future without the requirement of any medical check ups and examinations. If some individual plans to get a cash value policy at a late they might get denied due to a medical check up or other tests regarding their health. Term insurance plans are also used by many employers to cover for their employees at low costs as a measure for the welfare of the staff usually the ones belonging to the labour class.

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Smart tips for Dealing with Debt Effectively



Whether big or little, you have to deal with your debt to make sure it doesn’t get out of control. Living with denial as a money borrower will not only increase your money woes but anxiety as well. Getting out of debt is one of the vital steps to reach your personal or business-related financial goals. You are not alone if you are in debt but paying it off as soon as possible is the only way to save money for a happy living. Everyone who gets rid of the debt often combines different strategies and tactics for dealing with debt.

In this article, there are some smart tips for businesses and individuals deal with debt.


How Much You Owe

In order to pay all your debts off, you need to know the exact owed amount. Make a list of all your debts with essential details like the name of the creditor, interest rate, amount of the debt, due date, and monthly payments to be made, etc. in an organized manner. It will allow you to see the bigger and clear picture of your debts. Whether you want to get rid of existing debts for better credit scores or further in need of a loan to manage financial needs, getting all the debt details at a place lets you create a debt repayment plan accordingly.


Pay Your Bills on Time

Late payments or forgetting to pay bills can make it harder to pay your debts off. Missing two or more payments in a sequence increases the finance charges and interest rate as well. That is the reason, be careful about monthly bill payments and always be on time to pay. For this purpose, you can schedule monthly payments by using a money management app or any other fintech solution. Setting reminders and alarms is another best way to stay on top of all monthly payments. In this way, you are not only able to make monthly payments on time but your credit scores increase also.


Pay more than the Minimum

Making payments more than the minimum is one of the smart tips for dealing with debt. If you are using a debt repayment plan and have monthly payment figures on hand, you should try to pay more than the figures you have. It will not only help you save many bucks on the lower interest rate but will also boost the debt repayment process incredibly. However, be sure to check with the creditor to ensure that they don’t charge any prepayments.


Give a Try to Debt Snowball

If you cannot pay more than the minimum towards monthly payments, then you can opt for a debt snowball method to speed up the debt repayment. It requires you to list the debts from a smaller amount to bigger. Then, throw your money towards the smallest amounts first and move towards the bigger one. Over time, small payments will disappear soon one by one and will help you move towards the bigger amounts to get rid of all your debts in a short span of time.


Sell Unnecessary Things

When you are struggling with debts and want some extra money to pay them off quickly, selling the unnecessary things around can gather a handsome amount of bucks that you can use to pay the debt off. Take a look around and find out the things that are useless for you and you can live without. Visit the market and sell these things to collect money that can go towards loan repayment. There are so many online places where you can sell used items on good rates. You can also hold a yard sale on Facebook to find good customers for things around.


Identify Spending Habits and Make Changes

According to experts, retail therapy is one of the best ways to deal with debt stress and to get rid of debts quickly. When we are overwhelmed, we are more likely to spend on things to feel better but these can relieve stress in the short term and can end up with financial pitfalls. It is the place where we need to identify spending habits and prevent mindless spending to save money for debt payment. Think about the things that you can live without and stop spending on those. Also, find the financial areas where you can cut down to build funds for quick debt repayment. If you are comfortable with a standard car, then sale out your luxury car and send the extra money towards loan repayment.


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The Cost of Living: Finances and Comfort



Have you ever wondered how much it costs to live every day? And by living we mean our day to day expenses. If for instance, we had a financial advisor keeping track of your day to day expenses how much would that cost? For the number of years that you have lived have you ever really thought about the cost of loving?

The cost of life

As we go about our day to day lives, we buy, we live, and we spend. That is why it is very important for us to always keep track of our finances, just like online betting ca. And that is also why we have a retirement plan because we want to make surethat even when we are older, we try to live a life of comfort.

We have budgets, we have loans and credit schemes all to make sure that our youth and adult life, we live the best lives that we can. And all this accredited to the cost of living, or rather should we say the need of comfort?

How the need for Comforteffects of finances

We all want to live comfortably. As we mentioned earlier that is why we even save up for retirement. So, one can easily say that is it because of this need for comfort that our finances are depleted every day. Even when it comes to games, we realised that the arcades were not comfortable so we created online versions of them. That is why we have best usa casinos onlinegames . So that you pay in the comfort of your home. You see, it all seems to go down to the need for comfort.

The mortgages that we take, the loans and the jobs that we have. It all because we want to live in comfort. And because we want to live in comfort, we will do all that it takes. Even if it means working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year all just because we want to live in comfort.

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Check Out All Debt Consolidation Loan Sources Before Selecting Any One



In this modern day, almost every household whether it is in America or Europe or anywhere in the world carry a debt or a multiple debts in any form. It can be a credit card debt or a personal loan, a student loan or a car loan, a consumer loan or a mortgage loan but everyone will carry at least one in any form.

Therefore, if you carry one or a couple of debts do not feel that you are alone out there. It is just that you will need to manage your debts proficiently so that it is well within your control. However, if situations do go out of hand, there are is still no need to panic and bring the house down.

Dealing with such situation

There is no need to sulk in such situations as you can easily mend this situation either by yourself or with the help of a professional debt counselor. All you will need to do is look for easy and effective ways to deal with such a situation. If you want a professional expert to help you out then to begin with you can look up at for tips, advice and solutions.

As the most suitable method you can incorporate all your debts into one. This you can do by taking out a debt consolidation loan. The features of this specific type of loan are:

  • You will get a high amount to borrow which will enable you to pay off multiple debts you owe to multiple creditors
  • The loan will carry a very low rate of interest and extended loan tenure to repay
  • The monthly payments will be significantly low and there will be no chances of losing track since you will have one monthly payment to make
  • Depending on your eligibility and other contributing factors you can take out a secured home equity loan, an unsecured personal loan and
  • For credit card debts especially you can transfer the debts on multiple cards into a new card carrying low rate of interest.

This type of loan will help you to accomplish your primary objective: to pay off your existing debts.

Source of consolidation funds

There are different sources from where you can avail a consolidation loan. A lot will depend on the specific source you choose as well as your eligibility and credit worthiness. Ideally, the single monthly payment that you will have to make once you take on such a loan will be much less than the combined total of all the debts that are paid off using it. This means you will be able to free up more spendable cash.

Apart from the traditional banks, there are many different companies that specialize in providing such debt consolidation loans. However, there may be other sources as well for funding at your disposal.

Depending on the specific source that you choose, the rate of interest, requirements as well as other terms and conditions of the loan may vary greatly. These factors will also depend on your personal financial circumstances as well. This means that a few of these sources may be better for you than the others.

Home equity loans and lines of credit

If you have a home in your name then you can avail a HELOC or Home You Could Use a Home Equity Loan or Line Of Credit.

  • This type of loan will allow you to borrow against the equity that has been accrued.
  • You will get such home equity loans from many different lenders apart from the banks at affordable interest rates.
  • If you take out a loan up to $ 100,000 the interest on it will also be virtually tax deductible always which is a major advantage of taking out a HELOC when you consider consolidating your credit card or other personal debts.

However, you must be aware that the home equity loans and lines of credit will use your home as collateral security for repayment of the loan. This means that if you fail to repay, your home will be at the risk of being taken by the lender.

A 401(K) plan

If you have a 401(K) plan or a retirement plan at the place of your work, you can also use it to borrow money during such situations when you wish to pay off your debts.

Once again, these loans carry a favorable interest rate simply because it is your own find that you are borrowing from.

However, the downside of this kind of borrowing is that the specific amount of money you borrow from it will lose the earning potential forever. That means, till the time you do not repay the amount borrowed, you retirement fund will not grow for this specific time.

Using your life insurance policy

Specific types of life insurance policy allow you to borrow money when you need. If you have such type of life insurance policy which accumulates cash value, you can easily use it to borrow against that policy.

However, just like any other sources this too will have a few financial implications down the road. It is therefore nest to consult with your insurance agent to know the details and be sure before you opt for it.

Other sources to look for

Apart from the above, you can also ask your family and friends though they are not the best choice always. Nonetheless, keep in mind that they are valuable relationships that can help in times of need but make sure that you do not ruin it just because of money.

If you ever borrow from friends and relatives, make sure that make a contract with them for the protection of both the parties. This will also mean that you will treat them just as you would for any other lender with the same respect. Make sure that you pay them back in a timely fashion and thank them for their favor shown toward you.

It is all up to you as to which source you will choose according to your affordability and preferences.

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