How You Can Become a Nigerian Resident


You want to be a Nigerian resident, or you want to find out what the legislation says about the way to be a Nigerian citizen or about investing in second citizenship? This write-up is for you. The 2000 Constitution of the Government Republic of Africa as amended is the guide in this discussion. Section 20 of the Constitution specifies who actually is a Nigerian resident and also sets down the requirements to become one if you’re not one yet.

This constitution acknowledges three types of second citizenship programs and states the prerequisites to become all of them. The Three types of Nigerian citizenship usually are:

  1. Citizenship by birth
  2. Citizenship by enrollment
  3. Citizenship by naturalisation

To understand each of the types, you will have to read this article till the end.

Citizenship by Birth

Who’s a Nigerian resident by birth?

  1. Each and every person is actually a Nigerian resident by birth if:
  2. He / she is born in Africa before Oct 1st, 1961, e. Nigeria’s date of freedom
  3. either his / her parents or grandma and grandpa belonged to a local Nigerian neighbourhood
  4. Either his / her parents or even grandma is born in Nigeria.
  5. Everyone is a Nigerian resident by birth if:
  6. he/she is born in Nigeria right after the date of liberation, and
  7. either his / her mother or father or grandparent is a resident of Nigeria
  8. Every individual born outside Africa either of whose parent or guardian is a resident of Nigeria is also a Nigerian resident by birth.

It can be noticed from above that Nigeria, in contrast to the USA, The UK and some other countries around the globe, doesn’t provide second citizenship by birth to any person basically on account of being born in Nigeria.

Citizenship by Enrollment

Only a couple of categories of non-Nigerians can get this type of citizenship. They are usually:

  1. an overseas woman who’s married to some Nigerian resident, and
  2. any man or woman of not less than eighteen years old and of born outside Africa, any of whose parents is a resident of Nigeria.

Citizenship by Naturalization

Almost any non-Nigerian can certainly be awarded a document of naturalisation if such individual is able to gratify the President of Nigeria that

  1. he or she is an individual not less than eighteen years old and capacity
  2. he or she is a person of good individuality
  3. he or she has proven a clear intention or a wish to be domiciled in Africa
  4. he or she is, in the viewpoint of the particular Governor of the State government exactly where he or she resides or intends to stay, acceptable to the neighborhood in which he or she is to live once and for all and has already been merged into the particular ways of life of Nigerians in that area of the state
  5. he or she is an individual who makes or is able to make a helpful contribution towards the development of Nigeria