How to make memorable first date


We’ve recently reviewed few happy and successful couples with intent to get their best advice on how to build a wonderful relationship using different kinds of love lifehacks. The first reaction of those people was a bewildered smile. They thought we were asking mainly about sex. However, we’ve assured them we were not. We were wondering what they’d done to keep their love inextinguishable for all those years of life together.

What came next astonished, inspired and upset us all at once. These ideas turned out to be so simple, so straightforward. Why many couples just refuse putting them into use to upgrade their own relationships?

If you really do care then you will do what it takes to make the following thoughts work and reap the benefits. Despite all the complexity that love serves up, these love life hacks will work out to add more joy to your relationship than ever.  Article prepared by the site

#1 Don’t scruple to ask for approval

Expecting your partner to note things without inducing him/her is often seems unjust and can lead to indignation and conflict. Keep the beast away by completely expressing yourself and spotlight the things you wish your partner to notice. If you have done something you’d like your partner to take notice of, draw his/her attention! Got a fresh haircut? Draw attention! Fixed the bookshelves so they no longer totter? Make your lover praise it!

#2 Always be thankful

Remember about the existence of a “thank you” phrase and take your time to constantly demonstrate your genuine gratitude for everything your partner does for you. Perhaps you’ll be mad with your partner about some issues and they will point out something they did, hoping for that heartwarming “thank you”. How would you react? Would you offer your praise and deal with your apathy separately? Or maybe will you shut up like a shell and torture your partner with unbearable silence?

#3 Have time for each other

In case if you were worried about killing that subtle romance by scheduling every single minute with your partner, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. For the rest of us with busy lives and troubled schedules, an exhausting Monday is easier to handle knowing that on Tuesday at 6PM we get at least few hours with your closest person.

#4 Learn to argue

Sometimes when you’re not even a bit angry with each other, take a seat and talk over things that bother you both. After that lay down some rules you both agree to follow during the future arguments. For example:

  • Nobody escapes an argument without telling where they’re going;
  • Conflicts lasting more than 3 days are obviously stupid and should not be allowed to continue;
  • An argument must not mean that the relationship itself is being questioned.

#5 Know to apologize too

Telling you’re sorry is a lot like learning a foreign language. The more you practice it in real-life situations, the better you become at it. If you haven’t actually done something worth saying sorry, you’re either an angel or completely blind to your inadequacy. You don’t need to do some great damage to your lover to be begging for pardon. Just stay who you really are. In case if you say something without thinking, forget to pick up something from the store or complain about your day without asking about your partner’s, do not hesitate to say you’re sorry. It is always hard to swallow your pride and accept you’ve screwed things up, but apologizing is harder. Yet, you need to master up this skill to maintain your relationship. We’re all people and we all make mistakes.

There are many other life hacks about love that may come in handy, but we hope you and your partner will learn these 5 tips to keep your relations flourishing. Cheer up!