Referee Urges Regular Competitions For Weightlifters

MFM team in one of their league matches

An international
weightlifting referee, Reginald Briggs has called for regular participation of the country’s weightlifters in continental championships to boost their skills, confidence and ranking in future international championships.
Briggs told newsmen yesterday that their counterparts from other countries always engaged in programmes that improved their performances.
The coach said: “Such gives our counterparts the ground to have an edge at competitions because their sports authorities encourage them to prepare adequately.
“We are blessed with good athletes and can equally match them in every category if we can only have a similar opportunity to compete favourably with them.
“In addition to medal chances, exposure, technical benefits, building of confidence are vital things that such competitions will make possible for participants to gain,’’ he said.
He said it was also an avenue to project the nation’s image and its activities as well as be grant opportunities whenever such was available in the Weightlifting Federation of Africa (WFA).
According to him, the good impact created by Nigeria’s regular participation in WFA championships will also increase the lifters chances of being invited for international invitational tournaments.
“The WFA being the continental governing body, usually organises competitions and so, it is to our own advantage to make our impact visible for necessary benefits.
“Although such championships are sponsored, the organisers visit their records to confirm activities of its affiliate countries and using it to invite athletes for events,’’ he added.
The International Weightlifting Federation referee expressed confidence that with such adequate measures in place and consistent training under the supervision of knowledgeable technical officials, the sport’s lost glory would be restored.