Need To Maintain Our Institutions


Nigeria is a sovereign nation and all hands must be
on deck to maintain its sovereignty. To achieve this, a number  of infrastructural developement must be put in place. The ideology of sovereignty of any nation is to make things possible for the citizens.  Since independence till date there has been slow pace of development in the country.  This is as a result of nonchalant attitude of the leaders in government and some citizens when projects are awarded for execution.  Often times, when it comes to solving   problems for the masses what you hear is that there is no political will to enforce the policy.  One wonders the kind of political will our leaders need before things are put in place.  The deposit of mineral resources in the land of Nigeria is a good omen for national development.
The education sector has been drifting from its original aims and objectives.  This is because the system is no longer meeting the expectations of the nation.  In any sovereign nation, education is the door way of achieving purposeful development.  Through research works in education, other sectors are managed effectively and efficiently.  The falling standard of education caused by neglect of the sector has caused influx of Nigerian students to neighbouring nations, thereby, denying our educational institutions funds to upgrade their facilities.  Today,  most of the leaders and well-to-do in Nigeria send their children and wards to Ghana, the US and the UK for university education.
It is true that no nation is an island. But that does not mean we should abandon our country for foreign facilities.  Yes, in this year’s budget, education has been favoured.  But there is need for proper implementation of the budget to meet the yearnings of the people.
Indeed, the power or energy sector is one of the sectors begging for massive improvement and upgrading of facilities. The federal government has said so much about improvement of power in the country. Yet no meaningful achievement has been recorded.  And if the government is ready to improve power in Nigeria, there is no need for the federal government to budget for generators for Aso Rock or government buildings.  That is suspicious!  In Nigeria, generators have taken over the power sector.  And so each time generators are mentioned in the budget there is need for doubt.  Over the years, Nigerians have been complaining of poor power supply in the country.  And to many the cry against epileptic electricity supply is waste of time.  All the processing and manufacturing industries use electricity from generators to power their machines.  But in some countries of the world there is constant supply for decades.  No wonder some companies are relocating to neighboring countries where electricity supply is relatively constant.  Recently, there was bidding for electricity facilities in the country. There is no need for further delay in ensuring efficiency in the power sector.  Therefore, power should not be toyed with, if Nigeria wants to be one of the biggest economies in the world. Everyone needs electricity in Nigeria.
Nigeria has been known as a developing nation for many years now and has not achieved tangible development, due to some nefarious activities of some persons in government and outside government.  Nigeria  has a wide road network but yet the roads in the country are in deplorable state, which gives room for questions.  Nigerians enjoy pot holes-free roads in UK, the US and other nations of the world.  But when road projects are awarded to some of them to construct as it is done in foreign nations, some siphon the funds or use poor quality materials to construct roads in the country.  Today our federal roads are begging for reconstruction and rehabilitation, because they are very bad.  And those who do the shoddy jobs are applauded and more multimillion projects are awarded to them to continue the bad jobs. Something has to be done to stop the ugly trend of events in the country.  Because the roads are bad, motorists take the opportunity to charge commuters heavily.  This also has led to high cost of commodities and has weakened the purchasing power of many Nigerians . Indeed, most of the staple foods we eat in the country are imported from foreign nations.  For instance, Nigeria depends on imported rice till date when there are arable lands for rice farming in the country. Abakaliki rice is still under peasant farming system till today because government has not taken any proactive measure to improve rice farming in the country. There is need for concerted effort by all to change the state of things in the country.
Health for all has been a long time slogan which no one wants to sing or recite again because of the inability of the government to deliver health services to the people. It is still very sad to hear that Nigerians can only get better medical treatment abroad.  Why? Nigeria has the resources that could make her health system the best in the world. Today, cancer screening machine is rare to come by in the country.  Few months ago there was outbreak of Lassa fever in some states of the nation.  And it was a difficult task to get treatment, because the machine to screen a victim’s blood sample is only in Benin. And it was reported that Lassa fever was first noticed before independence of our dear nation.
Indeed, today we fund foreign health system and they keep on growing faster than ours.  Almost every government functionary receives his or her medical check up abroad.  That is why our health sector is dying even when we have professionals to make it work.  It is high time our leaders pondered anew to change some things. The national and state assemblies should  enact laws that should make the government to improve its facilities.  Over dependence on foreign institutions when we need to improve and develop the ones we have is a serious threat to democracy. Therefore, there is need for government at all levels to embark on an aggressive campaign on infrastructural development in the nation.  Nigerians can enjoy the best if there is honesty and selfless service to humanity.
Ogwuonuonu is a contributor to The Tide


Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu