Startpage Brings News Updates Directly to You


Get the news that matters to you via startpage! 

The World Wide Web is a hive of activity. Sifting through relevant feeds, news content, breaking news stories and the like can be tedious process. Fortunately, help is at hand. This comes in the form of the Genieo startpage. For all intents and purposes, this innovative software is your personalized ticket to the news updates that matter most to you. There is no need to customize your Genieo settings in order to associate your likes and preferences with news feeds that are pertinent to you. It is automatically done for you, as soon as you initiate the program.

The Benefits of a Customized Startpage

The time and cost savings inherent in using software that is intelligent enough to identify your personal preferences for news stories is astounding. As a web browser – whether for business or personal usage – there are multiple pros to using startpage. With so much information on the Internet, sourcing financial, sports, technological, social interest and other news updates can be burdensome. The brains trust behind the development of this groundbreaking software toiled away long and hard to create a complex, stable and dynamic code to power the newspaper-style startpage. Thanks to AI software, users can enjoy the news that matters most to them, with zero effort.