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Of Wives And Jobless Husbands



Men are naturally created to be superior and authoritative over women. This nature permeates virtually every aspect of life with marriage inclusive.

As the ‘higher being’, the man and ofcourse, the husband shoulders the responsibilities of his home leaving the woman (wife) with that of  conjugal, child rearing and home chores.

However, as the time progresses, society gets tougher denying the man of his natural image or duties. It takes empowerment or employment to man the affairs of the family and where this is absent even for the married man, life must continue amidst its rigors and challenges.

Around the 80’s, this situation was not 80 popular until recently when it assumed an unprecedented dimension leaving its trail the tales of bitterness, sorrow, malice, rangour and chaos in most homes.

As natural and common as it is that the man is ‘incharge’ of his home, a closer view reveals that most married men especially of the below average class are either idle, near jobless or even both.

This situation naturally increases the job description of the wife in a geometric progression. One of the reasons for which wives with babies of less than two months old sometimes seen under the hot scorching sun or in the thundering rain struggling to see of their tray-peeper, salt, kerosene or even plantain just to ensure that the family feed for the day.

Ordinarily, Love conquers it all but when the reverse is the case, there is no limit to the level  of havoc or misfortune this can cause the home. It is worse when pride is present in the live of the couple which would eventually give birth to complex and where this abound in marriage, heaven alone can settle the scores.

For the man who clings unto his natural self, the impact is more destructive to the marriage.

As much as he feels that whatever he does for the up-keep of the home (things that would be done even when he has the job) are as a result of his incapacitated situation, some with little or no conscience become bullies, even cheats. Putting on a unique carriage that betrayed their appearances outside their homes, they go as far as settling with sugar mummies (popularly known as Sisi Eko), spending the proceeds on other ladies yet leaving their wives and children vulnerable to hard life. Others, however, who are humane and humble contribute their best efforts to seeing that the family scales through the period – a plus to the Love and development of the family.

The women too has lier own package. The woman does not naturally seem fulfilled when she is spending her own money. She rather prefers that whether she has or not, the man spends on her and when the expectation is less, she resorts to ill-exhibitions.

Imagine this scenario: a wife fends for the family always leaving her husband and kids at home.rather than having someone (even a maid) help out in some of the house chores, she expected her husband to perform the duties to keep himself busy. Each day she returns home and finds fault in her husband’s performed duties, scolds and calls him all sorts of ill-names.

One evening, one of the kinds, a boy of about four years old was pressed and calling on the father’s attention to help him out, he said, “mumu daddy, I wan shit”. The father still dared not touch the child because doing so would let heaven loose on the home that night.

As disgusting and annoying as this is, that was the result of the running-mouth, self-acclaimed super woman on her husband and children. All these acts ofcourse, certainly will neither help the couple nor the children who are the future homes and couples.

But, some other women are different and remain what they should be to their husbands. Though difficult to cope with such situation in today’s setting where there is a high level of social and marital competition among women/wives, they have strived to letting no love lost between them and their spouses. They depend more on directives of their husbands in disbursing their earnings/salaries without grumbling. Yet, another Super woman.

Succss is never achieved through strife. To move the family which is the extension of the society, it must be devoid of such egoistic feelings and in this case, of a Superwoman.

Gifts are different, the same with level of patience and tolerance in homes and marriages.

Faced with such situation is hard but it behoves on the woman to handle it with care and caution for the future of herself and her family.

A ‘real’ woman would not capitalize on the jobless condition of her husband and neglect her duties as a wife. Even in the faces of that, treat your husband as the man that he is. This will certainly attract love, respect, affection and dignity from the real husband.

Forget about complex. Rather than feeling inferior, own up to your situation and strive to go higher.

What’s the point gossiping your husband with your friends. Certainly not for empathy or even sympathy because they would have nothing to offer except feeling like ‘Lord’ over you and leaving you to relax in the arms of your shame and complex.

Do not let the children understand the situation. As a matter of fact, for their own good in the future, make them believe that everything is coming from daddy in order to avoid their feelings of having a worthless and irresponsible daddy.

Scamp for job opportunities for him. This should however, not lead you into promiscuity as some men would like to take advantage of your situation.

Change is permanent. Depending on your views and actions, the situation may not last long.

Remember that nature cannot be cheated. That you are fending for the family does not change the natural thus, trade settle and win the race.

In marriage, it has been proven that humility and submissiveness on the part of the wife conquers it all.


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Try These Top Dating Services If You Are Still Single



Digital technology has redefined our society in more ways than one. With the use of computers and smartphones, as well as other mobile devices, it is easier to do a lot of things, such as to shop and pay bills. Even dating has changed! Nowadays, online dating services offer the perfect platform for those who are looking for a partner, whether it is for a casual or serious relationship.

If you are still single, chances are, you have not yet discovered the magic of dating websites and services. Clueless about where to get started? Check out to find the best for you! Below, we will be listing down five of the top choices that should be on your radar!


  1. Zoosk

According to Mashable, Zoosk is an online dating service that is favored by many because of its user-friendly interface. The design makes it easy to navigate, although there were some complaints about how it tends to get spammy. With the latter, you have to be more careful to have an assurance that you will be dating only legitimate users.

One of the best things about Zoosk is its size. The company takes pride in having more than 35 million members who live in over 80 countries all over the world. With this, there is surely one who will be a match for you! You will never run out of choices, regardless of how picky you are.

Zoosk also comes with a dedicated mobile app! This makesit easy to search for a potential date even when you are using your smartphone.

Looking at the demographics of the users of this online dating service, there are about 52% females and 48% males. The average age of users, on the other hand, is 27 for females and 24 for males.

Zoosk has also gained a reputation for being inclusive. It is for everyone. Even for gays and lesbians, the dating app is perfect!


  1. Elite Singles

If you plan to try your luck in love using an online platform, this is one of the best dating sites you might want to take into consideration.

It is not easy to get started with this online dating service. While creating a profile is pretty much straightforward, there are tons of questions that you have to answer, which can take up to 45 minutes to complete. However, this is actually a good thing since the site is trying to get to know you to be able to find your perfect match.

The matching algorithm in Elite Singles is based on the Five Factor Model Theory. Aside from your personality, your match will be determined by factors like location, age, and occupation. You will be set up with up to seven matches in a day.

If you are looking for young love, this is probably not the site for you. This is not exactly designed with the needs of millennials in mind. In fact, the age of their users ranges from 33 to 50 years old. This is geared towards those who belong to the group of working professionals.


  1. Match

This is another option that should make it on your list of the best dating apps and services. One of the biggest selling points of the website is their satisfaction guarantee. You will find your match within six months of creating your profile! If you are unable to do so, they promise to provide you with six months of free membership. Good deal, right?

To create a profile, you will be asked to provide details about your physical appearance, faith, and hobbies, among other things. You can complete it within a few minutes. Even finding a match is almost effortless. You will be able to see only one profile at a time and you will decide whether it is a match or a pass.

One of the most important things that should be pointed out about Match is with regards to how its members are serious about dating. This is not one of those dating services where people are only after sex.


  1. OurTime

Online dating is for people of all ages. It is not only for millennials. Thankfully, with online services like OurTime, seniors who are looking for a date are given the perfect platform to search for their match. Whether you are looking for the opposite or same sex, this dating service can extend a helping hand.

OurTime claims that they understand what it means to be over 50, including the difficulty of finding a date. With this, they have developed an easy-to-use app that matches mature users. The app is free to download, but to be able to take advantage of its full features, you have to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

From the website of OurTime, they say that you can meet more than 50 singles in your area. The number is not as overwhelming as what you can most probably expect with the top three sites mentioned above.


  1. Silver Singles

This is another dating service that is made specifically for people who are aged 50 and above. Since it was launched in 2002, it has been one of the leading dating sites for seniors. It is a dating platform with an international network in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

On average, the users of Silver Singles are 41% males and 59% females. It is also estimated that there are 85,000 active monthly users.

As for the match system, as a part of the profile creation process, members will need a comprehensive personality test. This will provide the website with the data that is needed to match the user with the other members of the community. Every day, the website will recommend three to five compatible profiles.

For people on the go, it is also a good thing that a mobile app has been developed for both iOS and Android.



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Friends Extol Late Female Patriot’s Virtues



The ancient Chief Opusunju Dappa house, Epellema-Opobo witnessed unprecedented sympathizsers recently who came in their numbers to identify with the family of Mrs Joy Cornelius Opusunju who passed on to eternity on June 2, 2018 and was buried amidst wailings.
The Tide gathered that the death of Mrs Cornelius Opusunju was a loss of a rare gem and mother figure who distinguished herself as an embodiment of humanity, love, creativity and philanthropy during her life time.
Late Mrs Joy Cornelius Opusunju was described as a bridge builder, community leader, woman of integrity with uncommon wisdom and a team player with the fear of God.
Speaking at the funeral service, Bishop of Saint Michael’s Cathedral Christ Army Communion Mission Opobo town, Rt. Rtd. Festus Oko-Jaja urged the living to use the opportunity to seek for God sincerely now that they are alive.
According to him, “you should remember now thy creator when old age has not come. You should shun negative lifestyles and seek the face of God for your salvation. “Remember that heaven and hell fire are real.’’
He, therefore, admonished them to embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.
Bishop Oko-Jaja who preached on the theme: “remember now thy creator” with text from Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verse 1, warned that it is deadly for the living to turn against God instead of putting their whole heart in the service of God Almighty for their edification and restoration.
He described the deceased as “a committed daughter of Zion, who lived a sound life during her sojourn on earth.
He however, advised the bereaved family to take solace in the fact that on the resurrection morning when all will meet to part no more the deceased will be found at the feet of Jesus.
It will be recalled that the late Mrs. Joy Cornelius Opusunju was an industrious woman who combined business and other extra-ordinary activities successfully before being employed by the Rivers State government as a teacher at Community Primary School, Epellema-Opobo until her death.
The Tide also gathered that the deceased was a woman of excellence with equitable sense of humour who contributed to the growth of her community and beyond.

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Women Group Wants Dev Of Tourism



A Non/Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Rivers State, the Opobo Women Welfare Association (OWWA), has called on the federal, state and local governments to urgently encourage the development of tourism across the nation, to create revenue like any other business in Nigeria.
In a keynote address presented at the just concluded 2018 Opobo Women Convention, tagged: “Let’s Work Together, That All May Be One”, President of the group, Ama/Opu/Orubo, Felicia Stephen Pepple, maintained that tourism when put into effective state would induce employment opportunity for the teeming jobless youths, women and the vulnerable in the society, which needed to be trained on vocational skills for self reliance in business.
Pepple stressed that tourism, no doubt will certainly induced employment for the people and also create vocational training which will enable them be relevant in tourism business.
She said that tourism as a large business, could be considered a fulcrum for genuine and positive development of any society hence the need to effectively harness and sustain it.
As she put it, “Nigeria’s ancient heroes and heroines are also relevant in the world tourism history. These factors are also more or less the lode-stone that can attract tourism investments”.
She called on Nigerian leaders to capitalize on the advantage of tourism potentials as well as the natural endowments yet untapped, adding that the cultural festival of the people should be marketed globally in order to enhance attraction and investment.
On the event, she commended the efforts of Her Majesty, Queen Prudence Dandeson Jaja, His Majesty, King Dandeson Douglas Jaja, Amanyanabo of Opobo, other stakeholders and the women for putting their energies, resources and time together to develop the ancient city of Opobo through aggressive projects since the existence of the group some 47 years ago. She thus described them as, “most resourceful, dynamic and resilient developers of society and the people”.
Ama-Opu~Orubo Pepple used the opportunity to appeal for supports from all quarters.

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