Women To Reconsider Role In Nation Building


The role of women in the family and in  nation building has been linked to that of the neck in human body. As the neck carries and rotates the head to its direction of choice, so the society woman is viewed as the engine that propels and dictates the direction of the heads of the homes.

Using the occasion of the Women’s Day celebration of Assembles of God Nigeria, the Ikwerre District Women Co-ordinator, Rev. Mrs Helen Nwerebueknu Asuru, has called on the women faithfuls of Assemblies of God Nigeria, and the Nigerian women in general, not to disregard their potentials but to bring their inept wisdom to bear in the administration of their homes which also translates in the administration of the larger society.

Fielding questions from our reporter, Mrs Asuru explains that the privilege granted the women to be seen and heard in public administrations today in both religious and secular society is a demonstration of women liberation which of course was a fallout of Christ’s death on the cross of Calvary and his subsequent resurrection when he gave the women who reported first to his tomb, the charge to go and declare the good news of his resurrection and that of his kingdom,  hence canceling the old testament belief which rendered the women mute in religious and by extention public gatherings.

Referring to this year’s theme of  celebration. “Family Weapon of Warfare,” the Clergy woman implored all elected and appointed women in public and religious services, not to toil with the privilege but see it as an opportunity to prove to the world that women also, have functional and not dormant or redundant brains and that women have something to offer and can deliver given the slightest opportunity. She emphasised that it will be catastrophic if the neck fails to turn the head aright.

“Shun haughty living and imbibe the culture of humility, service and respect even as Serah respected her husband that she called him Lord”, she added.

In another development, the Ikwerre South District Women Coordinator of Assemblies of God Nigeria, Rev. Mrs Esther .C. Ezekwu, has ceased the privilege of the occasion of the Church’s Women’s Day celebration to call on the Nigerian women irrespective of tribe and religion, to look up to God and get more involved and committed to the service of God and humanity as that could help to rechart the course of our nation building.

Speaking to our reporter on the forthcoming women’s day celebration in her domain, Mrs Ezekwu implores the elderly and experienced mothers to present themselves as a mirror to the young and single ones who are looked upon as future mothers, stating that if they be poorly groomed, our future would be in shamble as it would be led by mothers who know not their right and their left.

The idle women who parasite on their husbands, she advises to avail themselves of the  privileges provided by the women ministry department to acquire useful skills that are financially rewarding so that they could be supportive to their husbands and become more relevant in their homes.

The Women Ministry of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria is an arm or department carved out by the leaders of the body for easier and better administration. It addresses of greatest importance, matters pertaining to women especially as it concerns their spiritual growth and welfare.

It also addresses the physical as well as social needs of its members with serious attention to the less privileged and widows.

It seeks to awaken and reawaken spiritual consciousness among the women and make them realise that they are also heirs of the kingdom.

The department also helps to reposition the women in the scheme of things by keeping them abreast of the goings-on in the body of Christ as well as equip them with the necessary tools to face the challenges of times.

Making the woman relevant at home and outside, to this body, is a task that must be done. To this end, efforts are made, according to the coordinators, at regular intervals to acquaint members with relevant skills that if well utilised, could better the lot of many and alleviate their poverty state.

However, come 8th of May, 2011, the Women Ministry of this great body of Christ will roll out their drums in all the local churches across Nigeria. The reason for this celebration, the coordinators indicated, is not far from giving the women a chance to showcase their inept potentials as well as make them feel belonging in the household of faith.

For a lively and colourful mothering Sunday, various activities, ranging from street rally, talks on family welfare, visits to the needy and many more had been lined up by different local assemblies and at the district levels to commemorate this all important day.

Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi