Iman Impregnates Corps Member


An Iman in one of the corps members lodged in the North has put a corps member in the family way.

Small Talks learnt that the two Muslim faithful who are also Corps members shared a room in order to prove that the love and care for each other were just on the surface.

We were also informed that the Iman used to scold Christian faithful over what he described as “Loose” life on their part.

We were further hinted that the Islamic cleric has repeatedly tried to date some Christians in the lodge whom we learnt totally rejected his advances due to his religion.

Meanwhile, some pertinent corps members have been querying the Iman’s holiness due to his closeness and romance with the opposite sex.

When they resulted to sharing beds, Small Talks gathered that the corps members concluded that something “funny” is going on between them.

In less than two weeks, the cleric’s love relationship with his supposed sister-in Allah hit the air like a new music album.

When she was diagnosed of pregnancy in a self perfected illness, it did not make much meaning to their colleagues who have been suspecting them earlier.