Why WAEC Papers Keep Leaking


Since “Expo 70”, the first recorded examination papers leakage on a large scale in this country, the West African Examination Council (aka WAEC), has been riding in very rough waters in matters connected with checking examination malpractices which run from leakage of examination questions to copying and sneaking texts and class note books into the examination halls by students, their teachers and even their invigilators.

WAEC problems seem to have remained on the multiplying side since the 70s because in the past 39 years, there has never been a single examination conducted by WAEC that could be said to have been leak-proof. On a yearly examination basis, there have always been a number of students and schools whose results were withheld or cancelled because they were caught cheating. Some schools have been proscribed by WAEC and sometimes even state governments. 

This writer is now joining the general public in asking WAEC the question: Who leaks your paper? This is because investigation of the on-going WAEC shows that across the country, there is a case that could relegate Expo 70 to a forgotten background.

This writer can say for sure that students and their teachers and other collaborators get copies of WAEC question papers before the examination. They spend so much money during this period. This writer found out that there are examination writers who are paid reasonable sum of money for each paper.

They do not need to be physically present in the examination hall.

The invigilators are fully in the know. Therefore, all the students do is to pay a certain amount of money to the landlord who owns the house they are using nearest to the examination hall (centre). The hired candidate sits for the examination and pass his answers through the invigilator to his student employer who is also busy in the real examination hall writing nonsense.

It is this writer’s opinion therefore that despite WAEC’s high security system and exorbitant costs, the body has failed woefully in its attempt to conduct fair examination.

It is in this regard that some parents fight tooth and nail to see that their children sail through WAEC.

A mother who prefers to be anonymous told this writer, hear her, “my son is not brilliant I must confess but that does not mean that he must continue to be WAEC customer. I feel for him. I enrolled him into a private lesson and I pay thirty thousand naira every month to make sure that he sails through WAEC. Well am praying and I believe he will make it this time. Commenting on this WAEC, issue a male student contended that WAEC is becoming too expensive and the question of a second missionary journey is completely ruled out.

Furthermore, the male student revealed that WAEC is being exploitative and deliberately cancel examinations just to make students re-register so that they can make more money to pay salaries.

Finally, it is the candid opinion of this writer that the Federal Government should look into the menace of WAEC and fish out another body that will live up to expectation to carry on with our examinations so that WAEC body will be laid to rest finally for the betterment of all.


Julie Jumbo