Tips For Pretty Looks


In the spirit of the season, it has become imperative that we roll out some possible tips that can get women of all ages glowing this season.

Colours that pop. This is the perfect time to experiment with trendy colours. Rich lip glosses in rose and candy pinks, keep your pout sweet and girly. Fresh shades of nail polish, look chic with your wardrobe.

A cheerful pink pedicure with Cover Girl Boundless colour nail polish in Fuschai Girl will play up any pair of strappy sandals.

This is the time to be adventurous with colour because you can get away with almost anything. This tip is out rightly for those in their twenties.

For those in their thirties, it is time to restore radiance whether you are headed to the boardroom or a party, your make-up should be minimal. If there be any age to be most noticed, it is within the thirties but not with outrageous colours as that could possibly send a wrong signal to your beholders.

Instead, it is more valuable to pick just a feature and accentuate it with pastel colours.

The forties must choose soft shades. As we age, skin starts looking less luminous. Bring back your complexion’s inner sparkle with an iri descent bronzer.

Such as Clinique-up-lighting liquid illuminator.

Apply to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and across your nose, and your forehead where the sun hits naturally for a realistic faux glow.

Are you in your fifties? Then go light on lips. Save moody, dark shades for evening functions like cocktails and dinner and settle for something sheer and shiny.

For the sixties, heavy foundation actually emphasizes wrinkles rather than conceal them. For a lightweight alternative, try a multitasking tinted moisturizer, especially such that cover seamless and has a broad spectrum sun protection.

Lastly, the seventies and above can get a rosy glow. If skin appears duller these days, blush is an instant pick-me-up to take you from lack luster to lovely in a snap.