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Kwacoco: A Seasonal Meal

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Christmas is a time to show love to your fiends and well wishers. It is a time to give special gifts to people and in case you are in doubt as to what gift to offer to people a special delicacy called Kwacoco will not be a bad idea.

Kwacoco is a Cameroonian dish, it is very nutritious because it contains virtually all the classes of food. Kwacoco is easy to prepare and it’s very delicious.

A trial will convince you. So here is the recipe.


–           Coco India, Dried fish, chopped meat or liver spring, onions, pepper, magi, salt, palm oil and Nylon bag


Peel  the coco India, wash and grate into a bowl, chop the spring onion into the same bowl, add the chopped meat or liver, the fish, pepper, magi salt to taste, then add palm oil appropriately and then mix all the ingredients in the bowl together.

Little water should be added to the paste so that it will not be too thick. Put the paste in the Nylon bag depending on the required size, just like the way moi-moi is packaged.

After doing all these, allow it to cook for between 45 minutes and I hour. It moulds into shape when it is cooked. It could be served hot or cold with juice.

Kwacoco is very delicious, I can assure you that, you can spice up somebody’s life this Xmas with Kwacoco.


Elizabeth Ephraim

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