Spiritual Effects of Toys On Children


Wonders shall never end. Mothers have formed a habit of buying their children toys whenever they go to the market which has caused lots of danger to them.

I know of a very sad story of a child who had a toy and the toy had total control of the child to the extent that the child said to the toy, “if I kill you no body can question me and when I’m through with you, you will see yourself in the mortuary.

His parents discovered what was going on when the child was five years old. They re-located but took the child to a psychotherapist and were also counselled by professional Christians. But never once where they told that their child was possessed by the toy. Neither the child nor his parents were brought before Jesus Christ, and as a result after five years, the child was still in the therapy. By then, he was ten years old. He was in total control of all the children in his home when his mother found him literally nailing his younger brother to a wooden cross during Easter period when the black mass is celebrated by Satanists.

What do you say this child will be doing in another five to ten year to come?

We should always watch out for signs and symptoms of spiritual effect of toy on children.

Little children cannot express what has happened to them for they do not have the vocabulary, and older children usually are too fightened to do so.

However, they carry out for help and personality change. If a child is normally outgoing he may become very withdrawn and vice versa. Most children become rebellious and disobedient trying to attract attention to their unspoken hunts.

Parents should take notice of what their children play with because the Bible teaches us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Please don’t allow your children to depart from you.

Ogbeneruemu is of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri.


Ichechemiche  Ogheneruemu