Fake Police Website?


Lucy C. Eze



The adage that says “those whom the gods wants to destroy, they first make mad. I am saying this in respect of the rumour going around the country about people faking police website. What are these people turning into?, are they not the ones that the gods will destroy.

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) is trying within the constraint of under development to forge some semblance of law enforcement not only in Nigeria but also in cyberspace. Its presence on the internet can be accessed at the official link httpi/www.nigeriapolice.org/. The Police force advertises a lot of useful link and service options and has helped both locals and foreigners alike in accessing and procuring hitherto difficult service or resolving daunting complaints for the people. It is something to give credit, to the brains behind the enterprise.

However, during the recent internet surfing it was discovered that a rather suspicious look alike website for the Nigeria Police Force advertises a lot of misinformation about the official NPF. This suspicious website is located at httpi/policenigeria.com/index.html; and it purports to be real McCoy, unless one is patient enough to peruse the contents the webpages you will not be able to know the real and fake website but been patient could be able to expose the intent of the perpetrators. Why would unknown people continue to devise means and ways of circumventing the law, including undercutting the very organisation that is empowered to defend and enforce that law in Nigeria. We know that the Nigerian Police Force are not living up to the peoples expectation but is this how we will call them to order?, faking the NPF website will not help the security situation. The suspicious website contains significant inaccurate information of the history and official structure of the real NPF, while insisting that it is out to serve the interests of Ghana and Ghanaians! Imagine the impudence, if not a blundering ignorance, for a Nigeria police that is presumably set up to serve the needs of nationals of another country that can never be the case. Though the NPF goes to other countries for peace keeping but their primary assignment is to protect, defend and enforce law in Nigeria.

Since the official Nigeria Police Force headquarters is in Abuja and perhaps as part of its suspicious intent this other website is also misdirecting the public to what clearly appears to be out of town contact information (+234 (1)-7403386: 234 (80) 65521930 and giving the website into @ policenigeria.com). This can only be the work of some mischief peddler, scammers, tricksters or perhaps  fraudulent minds.

A check with ICT section of the official NPF in Abuja confirmed that the website as expected is unauthorised and illegal. In an electronic mail response to enquiries, an officer of the NPF who pleaded anonymity confirmed that the organisation has nothing to do with this wanton abuse of the law of copyright as well as illegal misrepresentation of the authentic NPF. As a result, it has activated the process of unravelling the persons behind this efforts. Similar complaints have been lodged with other law enforcement agencies in the U.S and Canada since the web hosting companies appears to have offices in both countries.

During the past few decades, or so, several of the indolent hands bearing the green coloured passports have crossed the ribicon and embraced the sin of reprobate citizenship and they have done and continue to do real damage to the good image of Nigerians, this must stop as it is presumed to be a fake device to deceive unsuspecting members of the public.

As a matter of routine, it was not difficult to dissect the suspicious intent of the entries involved in this obviously unauthorised exercise. A violation of copyright law was a crime against the nation.

The suspicious website had without any permission culled from the NPF blog or some other outlets that had previously been authorised to publish the same an effort to confer respectability to an otherwise faceless charlatan. This is certainly the work of some evil minded persons out to destroy the reputation of the police. Why go to this length of unlawful conduct and selfish desires with all it’s consequences for the persons including the collateral impact that tarnishes the reputation and image of the entire nation including the real NPF?

The other NPF, the obvious fake one, must not be allowed to thrive the relevant organisation of the Nigerian government and law enforcement agencies all over the country should try as much as possible to fish out the masterminds without delay.

The culprits must be fully investigated and exposed for the harm they have done to the hardworking people of our nation.

Little wonder why innocent and law abiding citizens have been subjected to enormous embarrassments and deprivations in foreign land and airports because of nefarious activities just as these concerted efforts must be made to nip in the bud the activities of the fraudsters and help in preventing further damage to the authentic NPF and the underserved discretion of its image.

There are many diligent men and women in police uniform in Nigeria and these people must rise to the occasion in arresting these ever-persisting cyber-crimes that have come to be attributed to Nigeria.

Eze is a student at Anambra State University,  Igbariam Campus