Taking Care Of Our Body


As women, taking care of our bodies is a wonderful experience. It is an act of laindness, caring, love and spiritual. When we take care of our bodies we take care of our minds and also our spirits.

These three things are inseparable.

Everyone of us is holding on to some kind of emotional or physical pain and that is the reason why we need to care about our body.

The food we eat matters a lot, fatty food, sugary food, chemically processed, preserved and treated win feticides and fungicides. We are emotionally toxic filled with depression, anxiety and out of being controlled, stressed jobs, high blood pressure, life style, difficult families, disappointing personal relationships etc, we can no longer metabolise a deal with our emotion.

Environmentally we are toxic because the air and the water in the places we work, live and eat is filled with chemicals and gases that range from unpleasant to poisons.

They deprive you of your sleep strength stamina and your passion for living. It is time to take back your energy and reclaim your body.

It has to start with rejuvenation of the cells when we clean out and rebuild our cells, they give us new messages.

New cells have new meanings and do not follow old programming.

Throw away the habit that makes you side and fat if you want to be health, keep a balanced diet and weight. It is not all about starvation but cut down on fatty foods at the expense of your health Healthy. Living is the lay to a vibrant life and permanent weighty loss.

Always remember that everything is permissible but not every thing is beneficial, 2 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 12, of course you can afford to eat and drink everything that comes your way but not all is beneficial to your health, so be careful.

You are what you eat and your body image is make up’s can’t hide on, unhealthy body. It’s time to overhaul.

Try your best do a little work on your body to eliminate those bulging fat and look normal.

Some of us look older than our age while others look younger than their age. “thima it is a matter of discipline, please try and discipline yourself.