Understanding Women In Society

Our model for the week is displaying a free flowing Irish cotton gown  with long beads to match
Our model for the week is displaying a free flowing Irish cotton gown with long beads to match

Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind every miserable woman there is a man. This is true.

A woman (wife) is the greatest influencing factor in the life of a man.

The sacred record of a woman’s special creation declares not only her full humanity, but also superiority to the lower animal world which God also brought into being. Woman is the counterpart and helper of man and being part of his in most being holds an intimate relationship with him.

The Holy Bible emphasises most profoundly the inseparable unity and fellowship of a woman’s life with that of a man.

However, she is not only his helper, but also his compliment and is most essential to the completion of his being. The man was dust refined, but the woman was double refined.

Looking at our country Nigeria, we would see that women are not given the chance to exercise wisdom bestowed upon them by their creator. Generally men through pride ignorance or moral perversion have treated women as being greatly inferior and have enslaved and degraded them.

My question to our women with all their loyalty and devotion, what is the impact of their faith in the Lord on their husbands? Or are they just going on their places of worship for the fun of it. Where is the virtuous woman the Bible talks about among our women nowadays? Our Christian life must be a challenge to our husbands.

We must allow the love and fear of God to overflow in our husbands. Imagine, if our man also will have the fear of God, then whatever position they find themselves they will perform their duties with the fear of God. If this can be so, how wonderful it will be.

Not only this, women too can serve the nation successfully. If only they will approach this issue with humanity, meekness and the fear of God.

Women should start this from their matrimonial homes because they have been endowed with unlimited power to influence men and women alike but they must use this power to glorify God so that our men would emulate this and become good leaders in our society.

There are some women who cannot manage their homes, yet they want to lead a nation.

Charity should begin at home, so that our roles as good religious devotee and loyal wives will be noticed on our husbands.

We should bear in mind that our husbands’ success is ours.

It is worthy to note that Christianity brought full emancipation to womanhood, and wherever Christ is recognised as saviour his truth must be obeyed, women are esteemed as man’s love companion, confidant and in many ways his better half.

A man, who regards his wife as inferior, should think twice because he is the head and protector and love of her heart.