Lady Behind My Q Label


In her mid twenties, Yeside Mohammed would rather be called an Entrepreneur as she claims brand building, leaner production (reduced operational cost) and building customer relationship are almost as important to her as the design aspect of the business.
Having had the first degree of her education in Nigeria, Yeside left for England at age 14 for her GSCE and A-Levels in Warwickshire and Cambridge. She then proceeded to the university of Reading. When she graduated with BSc Environmental Chemistry, she took a year out during her programme to study French at the institut francaise in London and spent a bit of the year in Paris after graduation at the university of Wales specializing in world “Economy and Advanced Strategic Management from Cardiff Business School. After the MBA, she moved back to Nigeria late in 2005 hoping to carry out the mandatory one year national youth service and then apply for jobs. Along the line, she started making t-shirts with swarovwski crystals. The response to the t-shirts were positive but the sales were modest if not poor. So she decided to go back to the drawing board and realised the price was the major drawback. She then went to Balogun market to look for alternatives but could not find any. But while she was there, she brought smaller seed beads and she used on t-shirts. They were cheaper than the swarovwky crystals. So, she resumed the business once again making sample products. The beaded skirts came along after she made an Ankara skirt for her friend Funlola Adelaja (nee Faleye); then orders started to pour in. By January 2006, she started NYSC and the business slowed down a bit. After her NYSC, she made the conscious choice to face designing full time and that was the beginning of My Q. My Q started just at the back of her parents house with 2 tailors and I beader which has grown to include cutters, tailors, embroiders and a competent management and sales team as with all sectors, My Q faces challenges; power supply which increases cost of production. There is also the issue of personnel high staff turnover but she believes that as long as things are being done properly the challenges will be sources of strength in the future, the ready to wear lien was launched in July 2007. The overall theme being casual chic but along the line, the theme and style has evolved to a more ostentatious collection of clothes. Bead work still remains a big part of the line but the range of fabrics is wider than ever. Silks, chiffons, taffetas, linen and Sarfari are the fabrics of choice. Yeside prefers these fabrics as she claims they are a plain canvass and allow for creativity. Most of her designs are clean and simple with intricate beading details and craftsmanship. The name My Q is basically about Yeside. The name was coined from her initials Mohammed Yeside Qulthum. According to her, she would not be in this business if she had not moved back to Nigeria as the average Nigerian woman is user stylish and her designs pay homage to every Nigerian woman as they are her inspiration. She admires Nigerian designers Deola Sagoe, Tiffany Amber and Lame Da Silva Ajayi- who to her are simply the best. She feels they haved toed the line and brought respectability to the industry and she does not think she would have considered designing as a career without then as role models. Internationally she loves George Chakras, Roberto Cavalli, Ellie Saab and Marchessa.
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Our midweek model steps out with a body hug silk and a hand bag to match.
Our midweek model steps out with a body hug silk and a hand bag to match.