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How to Connect parents and teachers?



Parents and teachers play a crucial role in the development of every child. But there are times when it can be difficult to get the two groups to work together. Talking with other parents, family members, or even your child themselves can help break the ice and start a conversation between you and your teacher or parent.

A lot of teachers are getting unfavorable feedback from parents about how their children are being treated in school. This can be a cause for concern, especially when a teacher is not able to provide the best education for students. What can be done to bridge the gap between parents and teachers?

Schools are always trying to find ways to engage students and parents. The two most important people in a child’s education should be able to work together for their child’s success.

eLearning News for Pasco Parents

eLearning News for Pasco Parents is a leading source of the latest e-learning news and updates for parents in Pasco County. The site offers a variety of resources including articles, blogs, newsletters, and other publications.

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Pasco parents can now learn more about the eLearning news that is happening in their community.

eLearning News for Pasco Parents is a new online resource that provides parents with the latest news and resources related to education. The website also includes a blog, where parents can share their own stories and opinions on education topics.

eLearning News for Pasco Parents is a monthly e-newsletter that provides parents of students in Pasco County, Florida with the latest news, information, and resources about online learning.

The newsletter includes articles on topics such as online learning trends, best practices for parents, and strategies to help students succeed.

Learning Continuity Planning

Learning Continuity Planning is a set of procedures that should be in place to ensure the continuity of training for an organization.

There are three steps that should be followed for Learning Continuity Planning:

1) Plan and define learning objectives,

2) Identify the competencies required to achieve the learning objectives,

3) Design a learning plan.

The first step is crucial as it helps in setting up an organization’s goals and objectives. The second step helps in understanding how knowledge can be acquired and how it can be applied. The third step is about designing a process for acquiring knowledge which includes what’s needed for success, evaluation of performance, and feedback on progress.

Learning Continuity Planning is a process of planning and implementing an effective plan that ensures the continuity of learning.

The process involves identifying, assessing and managing the risks to learning; planning for contingencies; developing a response strategy; and communicating with stakeholders.

Learning Continuity Planning is important for organizations because it helps ensure that the organization can continue to learn as it changes or adapts. It also helps stakeholders understand what will happen during a change or transition, which allows them to prepare for any potential impact on their work or personal lives.

What is a Learning Continuity Plan?

A Learning Continuity Plan is a strategic approach that ensures that the skills, competencies and knowledge of an organization are maintained over time.

The plan also helps to ensure that the workforce is always up to date with new skills and knowledge. It helps to avoid any gaps in the workforce which could lead to increased costs and inefficiency.

A Learning Continuity Plan can be used by all types of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations, from government institutions to educational institutions.

Learning Continuity Plans have a number of benefits for organizations including: Increase employee retention- employees are more likely to stay with an organization if they know their skills will be relevant for them in the future. Increase employee productivity- employees are more likely to be productive if they know their skills will be relevant for them in the future. Reduce on-boarding time- employees are more likely to accept new positions if they know their skill sets will help them get up and running right awayReduce attrition- employees have more confidence in the company and feel valued by the company if they know their skills will be useful in their future position Disadvantages of Job Security – employees are more likely to become complacent and may take lower wage offers if an employee leaves the company.

Pasco’s Plan:

Pasco’s Plan is a new tool that allows you to create a plan for your own future. It can help you in three ways:

1) It helps you build your personal timeline and visualize your goals.

2) It helps you identify the areas of life that need improvement.

3) It provides financial advice based on your goals and timeline.

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Pasco’s Plan is a plan to completely eliminate homelessness in the United States by 2026. The plan was created by the city of Pasco, Washington and it is based on a three-pronged approach:

1) Housing First:

2) Rapid Rehousing:

3) Permanent Supportive Housing:

The plan calls for an increase in affordable housing units and rapid rehousing. It also includes support services for those who are homeless and permanent supportive housing for those who are chronically homeless.


MyPascoConnect is a social media platform that allows people to share their experiences and connect with others. MyPascoConnect has been around for over a decade and was created by the Pasco County Government. The platform was designed to help people share their experiences with the county government, so they can take action on any feedback. MyPascoConnect has helped many people connect with each other, which has led to new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. MyPascoConnect is a social networking platform that enables students to connect with their peers and engage in meaningful conversations.

MyPascoConnect is an online platform for students to connect with their peers, share ideas and engage in meaningful conversations. It provides a safe, secure and anonymous environment for students to explore their interests and passions.

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Education: UNICEF Raises Fresh Concern Over Learning Crisis In Nigeria



The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has raised a fresh concern over the learning crisis Nigeria is currently grappling with, urging stakeholders, particularly the government at all levels to, as a matter of priority, take stronger actions and commitments towards addressing the challenge.
The global agency noted that the crisis, particularly at the basic education level is stalling meaningful development in the country and globally by extension.
The Education Specialist, UNICEF Nigeria, Yetunde Oluwatosin, raised the concern at a two-day media dialogue organised by UNICEF Nigeria in collaboration with the National Orientation Agency, Lagos State, and the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board, recently.
The workshop with newsmen from print, broadcast and online media from the South-West region as participants, has “Turning the Tide on Nigeria’s Learning Crisis” as its theme.
Making a presentation and quoting from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), Oluwatosin disclosed that 73 per cent of Nigeria’s children, aged 10 years below, with the majority in the North and from the poorest families and in rural communities, were struggling to read or comprehend simple text, while an alarming nine out of every 10 children (90%) in sub-Saharan Africa generally were also confronting with learning difficulty.
She also noted that while only one out of 14 children between ages seven and 14 years could demonstrate fundamental skills, only 25 per cent have numeracy skills capable of solving simple mathematical problems.
Oluwatosin equally pointed out that although up to 73 per cent of Nigeria’s youths were literate, only seven per cent possessed the necessary ICT skills required for the digital economy while just eight per cent of children from the poorest families attend school compared to 78 per cent of their peers from the richest homes.
She said all these conditions, among others, are widening the inequality gaps between the children from the poorest homes and those from the richest families and also between those living in urban and rural communities.
She therefore recommended that the trend would need to be reversed otherwise it would be difficult to lift many children and young adults in the country out of extreme poverty and also out of criminal activities.
She, however, attributed the crises to a number of factors including limited infrastructure, inadequate funding, gender parity, shortage of qualified teachers, poor delivery system, and insufficient learning data and materials, among others.
She emphasised UNICEF’s efforts in filling the gap in a way it can including provision of learning materials for over 1.8 million children between 2018 and 2022 and further plans to reach another 4.8 million children primarily in the North, by 2027.

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NUT Reacts To Threat By RSG On Penalisation Of Public Schools Principals, Head Teachers



Threat by the Commissioner, Rivers State Ministry of Education, Prof Chinedu Mmom to sack Head Teachers and Principals who contravene government policies on free education has generated more reactions.
Chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) in Rivers State, Mr Collins Echikpu has said the principals in public schools are facing challenges that are drastically affecting the smooth running of the school administration due to lack of payment of impress by the ministry.
Echikpu clarified that some of the levies collected from parents through their wards in these public schools were used in the day to day running of the school activities.
The NUT chairman called on the state government to implement the promotion of teachers, so as to improve their efficiency and effective service delivery.
“We expect the state government to do the needful by implementing the promotion of teachers so as to encourage them to efficiently and effectively discharge their duties as expected”, Collins said.
Meanwhile, some Head Teachers in the public schools in Rivers State are calling for proper management of teachers in the state.
Some of the Head Teachers who spoke during a meeting with the Commissioner for Education in Rivers State, said lack of proper management of teachers in the public schools is responsible for the challenges facing the education sector in the state.

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RSG Set To Penalise Public Schools Extorting Students



Rivers State Ministry of Education has warned principals in public schools against extortion of fees from parents whose wards are in the  public schools in the state.
Commissioner for Education in Rivers State, Professor Chinedu Mmom issued the warning during a meeting with Principals of public schools held in Port Harcourt, last Wednesday.
Mmom regretted that despite efforts by the current administration to provide education at zero cost for students in the state, some principals in the public schools have devised ways to extort money from parents.
“Despite efforts by the current administration, some of the public schools are still bent on frustrating efforts put in by this administration to achieve zero extortion and free education in the state,” he said.
He cautioned school principals against sabotaging the efforts of government as anyone caught would face the full wrath of the law.

By: Susan Serekara-Nwikhana

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