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How to bet on Handicap – top approaches explained



One of the common problems of sports betting is that people rarely wager on underdogs, visibly weaker teams, and all such. If a matchup is uneven, the majority of bettors will bet on the safe choice. True, if the probable loser actually wins, the payoffs are going to be huge. But that’s not enough.

To make it more interesting, and to convince participants to risk more money, bookies often include spreads into such uneven matches. Handicaps (or spreads) make it more likely that your bet on an underdog will be successful. Whole leagues are often imbued with different handicaps to make the experience more thrilling.

These handicap betting tips will help you understand more about this betting method.

What is a handicap bet and what sports are involved?

Spread is an intentional fixing of odds in favor of weaker teams in a league. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, as many major tournaments include often include these bonuses. Premier League, European Cup, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and many others. It’s a widespread thing with many varieties.

Spread essentially makes it easier for you to make a successful bet on a team that is less likely to win. Even if it loses, you can still cash in. In some varieties, like the European type, you need to make an approximate bet in points before the league starts. So, it adds another layer of leniency toward the bettor.

What are different handicap systems? Top ways to bet on Handicap

It can come in absolutely different forms, which depends on the betting site and its own preferences. But the most common types are, as follows:

  • European handicap. This sort of shuffles the points that the teams need to earn during the upcoming league so that stronger teams need to earn more, while weaker teams have a point boost from the get-go. The exact numbers depend on the performance of the teams in question.
  • Asian handicap. This sort demands that a stronger team wins by a particular amount of goals or that a weaker team loses only by a specific margin. You can select your desired difference (-2, -1, -0.25, +0.25, +1, +2 and more). 

There can be other spreads, but these two are classic. The former is more common in European bookies, and the latter – in Asian ones, but they can be present wherever. It’s a matter of preference, and big worldwide providers often offer both.

The system is most often used in football betting, but similar sports, where systems of points and scores can work, also have spread. Ice hockey, American football, basketball, and many others get representation, even if to a smaller degree. Football remains a preferential sport.

Pros and cons of Handicap betting

Handicap betting is an interesting addition that makes life for many bettors more interesting but also makes it harder to bet on stronger challengers. If we take into account that this system is in place on a website, and you can’t just bet as normal, then it can be a double-edged sword.

Spread games are certainly more interesting and ‘even’, but it comes at a cost of artificially mashing all teams into more-or-less the same skill group. The stronger teams will still have an advantage, even with reduced points. But it can often make differentiating between teams useless.

Where to look for the best odds for Handicap?

The odds differ from place to place, but they can also depend on the type of handicap you’ll encounter. The Asian type usually has better odds. It doesn’t mean you need to go to Asian bookie websites, but it may be a better way to earn money if that’s what you want.

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Five Biggest Casinos In The World



Casinos are a staple of the modern entertainment industry, and no matter where you reside, there are chances of a casino located within driving distance of you – try Chilli Heat slot free play online.

Some places are known for their mega-casinos with non-stop gambling and entertainment. Our experts took a look at the casinos from Nevada to Australia and evaluated what they offer. 

Are you ready to have fun while gambling? We have handpicked the 5 best casinos in the world for you. You can choose one or visit all, but we guarantee they all offer exclusive gambling activities and ambience.

Winstar World Casino

The gambling capitals of the globe, such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau, are undoubtedly familiar to everyone who enjoys gambling. There are several casinos worldwide, but the world’s largest isn’t one of them. 

WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, is the biggest casino in the world, with an area of more than 600,000 square feet! 

In fact, the world’s largest casino is situated in the centre of nowhere, on Native American territory, and isn’t part of any well-known gambling path.

MGM Cotai

MGM Cotai is the second resort MGM Resorts International has built in the gambling capital of Asia, Macau. MGM Cotai has a 500,000-square-foot gaming floor with 1,500 slot machines and 200 gambling tables. 

It cost $3.4 billion to develop and is one of the most costly and gorgeous properties on the Cotai Strip, the Chinese Las Vegas Strip version.

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau’s beauty cannot be matched by any other entertainment venue worldwide. The casino was designed to look similar to the one in Las Vegas, with the greatest difference being the size. 

In keeping with its namesake, Venetian Macau is a homage to the romantic city of Venice in Italy. Hotel rooms and gambling areas totalling 546,000 square feet are available for guests to enjoy, as are Michelin-starred restaurants and various other entertainment options. 

The facility has nearly a million square feet of conference space and 3,000 suites for gamblers and other guests.

City Of Dreams

This 420,000-foot gambling floor at City of Dreams is a direct rival to Venetian Macau, which opened its doors in 2009. 

City of Dreams is situated on the well-known Cotai Strip and many other well-known Macau properties. The main casino is on the main platform, and four towers host some of the city’s best hotels. Melco Resorts & Entertainment, a world-renowned company, owns the casino. 

Hard Rock Hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, and Crown Towers are located inside the City of Dreams complex and provide plenty of hotel suites for all visitors. 

The gaming section has 1,500 slot machines and 450 gaming tables, including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and other popular games.

Wynn Palace

Wynn Palace, another Cotai Strip casino, is almost as enormous as City of Dreams. It’s one of the latest additions to the stunning skyline of Macau. 

If you think this is the same property as Wynn Macau, think again. Wynn Resorts now controls two notable casinos on the Cotai Strip. 

There are about 1,000 slot machines and 350 gaming tables in the casino, which is slightly less than some of its rivals. Wynn Palace’s enormous floor space is one of the reasons you’ll feel more at ease there.

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What are the reload slot bonuses? 



Most people play slots for fun, and the main attraction is the bonus rounds – visit Easyslots. These are what make slots memorable, and it is the bonus rounds that offer punters the best chance of either recouping their losses or making a profit on their play. Slot bonuses can be retriggered on most games, and this gives punters even more free spins on the house. This is when bonus rounds are at their most lucrative.

However, it is not just slot game bonuses that reload, casinos can offer more than one bonus to new customers. These are known as reload casino slot bonuses and they are offered to customers who have already made one deposit on-site.

The Purpose of a Reload Slot Bonus

Not all customers return after their first initial playing experience at a casino they have recently joined, and the reasons behind this are numerous. Sometimes it is simply down to individuals not having a lucky primary experience at a casino and this can put them off from returning. Other customers may just be bonus hunters who take up one bonus and then move on to the next decent welcome offer, and these types of customers are often never seen again.

Reload bonuses are used to tempt both the unlucky and the bonus hunters back for more, with a new bonus offer that is often not as generous as the new player bonus. Reload slot bonuses often match a second or third or sometimes even a 4th deposit, by 50% instead of 100%. So, if you deposit £100 expect to get £50 on top.

Some slot sites use this technique to prevent punters from leaving the casino in the hunt for new bonuses and new slot sites in general. This is achieved by offering regular reload slot bonuses to all customers who are willing to meet the depositing amounts and the terms and conditions which often accompany such deals.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are added to deposit bonuses to make withdrawing winnings from bonuses that much more difficult. This helps to protect casino finances but also helps to keep customers on-site longer as they try to meet the wagering requirements that can often be set quite high depending on the size of the casino outfit.

The good news is that when it comes to reloading slot bonuses, the wagering requirements are set much lower to reflect the smaller amounts of bonus cash offered in the deposit matching special offers. This means that these wagering requirements are easier to meet, giving customers a chance to bank some cash should they be lucky enough to win.

In Summary

Just like slot bonus feature retriggers, reload slot bonuses allow punters to have yet more free play on the house. These reload bonuses are not on the scale of new customer offers but can still give you 50% extra on a qualifying deposit. These reloads can be open to those making their second, third, or fourth deposits, or to all customers in general.

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What Are The Payout Levels On Progressive Jackpot Slots?



Progressive jackpot takes its name from a continual building of jackpots. It means that over time when the players bet and on a  particular slot, its jackpot value continues to progress. So, it is usually determined by the percentage of each player’s bet on a slot, which contributes towards its increasing bet – also try Fishing Frenzy.

Therefore, in the field of video slots, the biggest ever prize is won through a progressive jackpot because several jackpots may link together to create a huge one, and indeed many punters have earned a millionaire status by winning through these jackpots.

How Does It Work?

Here we are going to explain with exemplary values for your understanding, and these are not associated with any slot machine. So, from every bet, if a slot machine separates 10% for a progressive jackpot, then once the jackpot is achieved, the machine rests the following prize to $100,000. This new reset value is the one that is collected from the players of bet on that machine. However, out of the total 10% collected value from bets, 9% goes straight to progressive amount until the target is achieved while the remaining is saved for the next rest. Once the machine pays out the jackpot value, then the machine uses 10% for the next jackpot.

It is one of the mechanisms for determining the progressive jackpots, but there could be many other ways.

Technical Aspect Behind Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots vary, as some operate at higher bet values, while the other slots may randomly drop the jackpot with any random spin happening during the base game. So, it could be a surprise for the players to find the jackpot being dropped during the bonus game.

Different Types of Progressive Jackpot Games

These include three main categories:

  •         Stand Alone: Dedicated for a single game, where the portion of bets contributes to increasing the final price.
  •         In-House Progressive: This jackpot is available at the land-based casinos and uses linked machines for big wins. This jackpot is not achieved through a casino web but is only in-house based.
  •         Networked: It is most popular nowadays, where the massive prize is fished through the network slots, which are hosted at several locations through iCasinos. Consequently, the jackpot is also a massive one.

Popular Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

The first-ever progressive slot machine, Megabuck, that hit the casino floors in 1986 proved highly revolutionary.  It was a release of IGT, and it webbed for 750 machines only in Las Vegas. Nowadays, iCasinos, have made the players’ task easier, where they can avail the mobile experience for the progressive jackpot slot machines such as Major Millions, Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Queen of the Pyramids, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold, Monster Madness, and several others that have turned many players into millionaires.

Should You Play Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines?

The answer to this question is obvious, and that is yes. It is because bit by bit makes a huge pool, and you need to be optimistic with these games. And anytime, hitting the jackpot can turn you into a millionaire.

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