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Complete Online Roulette Guide



Hardly you can think of a casino game that is more easily recognizable than roulette. The all-time classic table game delivers a second-to-none gambling experience to both total rookies and regular players thanks to its innate simplicity. Still, this should not leave you under the impression that roulette is stodgy. It is quite the opposite as the roulette wheel is capable of creating a truly amazing gambling experience.

In the event that you are still a greenhorn at playing roulette and you prefer placing your bets over the Internet, perhaps, you will be delighted to find out that have prepared for you this online roulette guide that will definitely lay the foundations you need in order to play the game.

Basic Roulette Rules

Being a casino game that is suitable for both total rookies and experienced players, roulette features very simple rules. At the beginning of every round, you will be required to choose chip denomination and place your bet on the area of the betting layout that corresponds to the type of bet you are intended to place. Gambling enthusiasts should know that they are enabled to place their bets on an individual number, on black or red, or on a group of numbers from the betting layout. Once you have made up your mind and you have placed your chips on the respective area of the betting layout, the small white ball will start rolling in the roulette wheel which has already started spinning as well. After the white ball has started rolling, interactive players will not be allowed to place more bets.

The round will come to an end when the ball lands in any of the pockets from the roulette wheel. In the event that the bet you have placed is a winning one, you will get a payout, depending on the odds and the size of the bet you have made.

Roulette Variations

One of the most important things you should not forget about roulette is that the classic casino game has several variations that come with their distinctive traits. The three major roulette variants include American, French, and European. When it comes to European roulette, you need to know that this was the very first roulette variation that saw the light of the day. The wheel features pockets that contain the numbers from 1 to 36. There is also a single-zero pocket that represents the advantage the casino has over you. While playing this particular roulette variation, the house edge you will enjoy is 2.7%.

American roulette is the other major variation of the table game we should pay more attention to. Unlike European roulette, in American roulette, there are 38 pockets due to the fact that there is an additional double-zero pocket. As you can probably guess, this means that the edge the house enjoys is also increased, which definitely does not work to gamblers’ advantage.

French roulette also lists among the most popular roulette variants. The roulette wheel resembles the one that can be found in the European variation of the classic game as it also comes with 37 pockets and there is a single-zero pocket. The major difference stems from the fact that while you play French roulette, you will be allowed to place several special bets that are unavailable in the other variations of the table game.

Roulette RTP

Return To Player or RTP is a term that is used to describe the theoretical payout percentage of a specific game depending on the money you have staked. In other words, if a game comes with an RTP of 97%, this will mean that if you have staked £100, for example, you should expect to get back £97. Still, roulette lovers should bear in mind that the value of the RTP will only be accurate after an extended period of time.

With that being said, interactive players should know that the RTP of each game is also related to its house edge. If we take European roulette in which the house edge is 2.7%, the RTP of the game will be calculated in the following way 100-2.7=97.30, meaning that the RTP of this particular roulette variation is 97.30%. Therefore, the RTP of American roulette will be 94.74%.

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Most Impressive Sporting Facilities in Nigeria Ranked



Nigeria has a whole host of spectacular football stadiums

Nigeria is home to some of the world’s greatest athletes, so it stands to reason that it should also be home to some of the best sporting facilities in the world. Whilst other countries may have more money pumped into their facilities, there is perhaps nowhere as proud of it as Nigeria. We’ve rounded up some of Nigeria’s most impressive sporting facilities, whether that’s because of their history and heritage, their state-of-the-art facilities, or some of the sporting events that have been held there in the past. So, without further ado, here are some of Nigeria’s great sports grounds.

The Moshood Abiola Stadium

The Moshood Abiola Stadium is probably Nigeria’s most famous sports stadium, having been used for many decisive football matches over the years. Most recently the stadium was in the news as it held the tense battle between Ghana and Nigeria as both teams played to try and secure a place in the World Cup Qualifiers. Despite Nigeria being the favorite to win, it was Ghana who would take home the crown. This sparked outrage in the crowd and led to some less-than-desirable behavior from Nigeria’s supporters. However, it seems that both teams have moved on from that and Nigeria are now setting their sights on a friendly game against Algeria. With the contest being held in Algeria, the home team has been performing well, but the odds are still close on all of the top betting sites. If you’re looking to place a bet on the action then SBO has provided an insight into some of the best sites to use and the offers that they have available for new sign-ups.

Lagos National Stadium

Next up is a mention of a stadium that was once truly great. The Lagos National Stadium has a capacity of 55,000 just 5000 less than the Moshood Abiola Stadium that we’ve just talked about. It’s thanks to this huge capacity that it too has been used a host for many major football matches including several FIFA World Cup qualifying matches, the 2000 AFCON final and most notably the 1980 AFCON final. It was in this last match that despite the official capacity of the stadium, some 85,000 people attended the ground to watch, quite a squeeze. As well as being a popular football stadium, the venue also has an Olympic-size swimming pool, a huge athletics facility, and space for rugby, wrestling, boxing, and volleyball too. Despite this, the stadium has been allowed to fall into disrepair since 2004. Nowadays you are more likely to find squatters there than international football players, which is a real shame. It would be wonderful if the National Sports Commission succeeds in its mission to bring Lagos National Stadium back to its original heights.

Teslim Balogun Stadium

Just across the road from the Lagos National Stadium is a stadium that’s proving just how important grassroots football is in Nigeria. The Teslim Balogun Stadium serves as the main stadium for First Bank FC and often plays host to youth tournaments, including the 2009 FA Cup Final. The stadium itself, as any football fan will have noticed, is named after Teslim Balogun, a true giant of Nigerian football. Despite its name, the stadium is also used for other sports, though football is certainly what it was primarily designed for.

Akwa Ibom International Stadium

The final spot on the list goes to the Akwa Ibom International Stadium. This stadium is one of Nigeria’s few all-seat stadiums, making it the perfect spot for those who enjoy watching sports in complete comfort. You’ll find this stadium in Uyo, as it serves as the home ground for the Nigerian Super Eagles. It’s by far the newest stadium on the list, with the build being finished in 2014. The architect, Julius Berger, was instructed to spare no expense in making this stadium one of true luxury and he achieved it. Berger based his design on the beautiful Allianz Arena, including 30,000 seats in his ultra-modern vision for Nigerian football. Of course, it’s not just football that you can watch at the stadium, it also plays host to many different sports as well as cultural events.

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How to use a bonus on Nairabet?



Nairabet is a prominent bookmaker amongst punters. Sports betting doesn’t only require you to have a good strategy or know when to strike. Your success as a punter can be easily influenced by the kind of bookmaker you use.


It is important to use reputable bookmakers so you don’t have problems with payout and can easily enjoy 24-hour customer support when required. Nairabet is a sports betting fans’ favorite as they offer several free bet bonuses to customers. Also, Nairabet mobile app makes it even more seamless for punters to place their bets.


Although, unlike most bookmakers, Nairabet typically doesn’t offer a special welcome bonus to punters, customers still have a series of bonuses to enjoy after they sign up on the betting platform. When your Nairabet registration online is done, there are several betting promotions that are available to you once you register an account with the bookmaker,” comments Dipo Lukman of, a sports betting expert and reviewer.


To use a Nairabet bonus, you first have to be eligible for the bonus. To confirm your eligibility for a bonus you can check the “promotion” and “terms and condition” pages to have a firm grasp of how it all works. Once you are eligible, you will usually find the offer banner on your dashboard and hence, will be able to take advantage of these promotions.

What bonuses does Nairabet offer to customers?

As a punter, the value of promotions from bookmakers can not be ignored as they help you reduce your risks significantly and also help boost your chances of securing high payouts. Are you interested in the types of bonuses Nairabet offers its customers? Read on.

First bet bonus 

Nairabet customers are eligible for a one-time bonus when placing their first bet on the betting platform while the promotion lasts. This bonus is only available during certain periods and as the name suggests, it can only be redeemed once throughout the promotion validity.


During this period, customers are eligible to receive free bets with a minimum of N50 and a N10,000 cap. This means once you use the bonus during the promotion, you will have to wait for another cycle to take advantage of it. To catch this offer, keep an eye on Nairabet’s social media outlets as they often announce when the promotions are available.


Terms and Conditions for this bonus include:

  • You must possess a verified account on the platform.
  • The bet is required to be an accumulator with not less than four picks.
  • Each pick in the accumulator needs to be a minimum of 1.20 odds.
  • Total picks must sum up to a minimum of 2.50 odds.
  • The initial free bet stake is not refunded regardless of the outcome of the bet.
  • Customers can only enjoy the bonus on the first bet placed within the promotion validity.

Goalless draw 

The goalless draw refund bonus offered by Nairabet is an incentive to encourage bettors to place bets with fewer risks. Nairabet offers a grace on goalless draws outcomes placed on accumulator bets involving specific matches. 


In a case where there is a goalless draw, the pick is nullified and the stake on such a match is pushed forward to the rest of the accumulator. The betting platform often pre-announces these designated matches to allow customers to take advantage of the offer.


Terms and Conditions for this Nairabet promotion include:

  • You must have a verified account with the betting platform.
  • Winnings are capped at N100,000.
  • Bets must be 1×2 selections and must be placed prior to kick-off.
  • Only accumulator bets are eligible.
  • Only specific matches are eligible

One game cut

In the event that a single pick from an accumulator disqualifies the bet, Nairabet offers such customers compensation. The betting platform rewards customers with a percentage of their projected winnings as opposed to such customers losing it all because of a single game.


Terms and conditions for this offer include:

  • The offer is pertinent to sports bets only.
  • Bets must be in an accumulator of at least 10 picks. For instance, in an accumulator with 10 picks, at least 9 of the 10 games must be successful winnings.
  • All bets in the accumulator must have a minimum of 1.20 odds each.

What are the terms and conditions of Nairabet bonuses?

Just like other bookmakers, Nairabet has some terms and conditions you have to strictly follow as a customer. Nairabet also reserves the right to withdraw your bets or suspend your accounts when you violate any of these terms and conditions. Hence, why you need to be aware of these terms and conditions to enjoy the platform.


All the bonuses offered by Nairabet have specific eligibility terms and conditions that if violated, automatically make you ineligible for the offers. First, remember that punters are not allowed to use multiple promotional offers at a time. Also, Nairabet requires customers to use certain deposit channels to have access to some of the bonuses offered. 


Ensure you visit the betting site and digest the whole T&C document which can be found on the “Terms and Condition” menu. This will help you gain an in-depth knowledge of the rules associated with the betting platform.

Does Nairabet have sign up bonuses? 

Unlike most bookmakers, Nairabet does not offer new subscribers an exclusive welcome bonus. However, once you register and verify your account with the platform, you become eligible for several bonuses and promotional offers. These bonuses include the first bet bonus, goalless draw bonus, and the one-game cut bonus.

Are there any downsides when using Nairabet bonuses for your betting? 

While Nairabet bonuses are an excellent incentive for punters, it has some downsides that can make it a bit difficult to enjoy. This includes the fact that you have limitations on the bets placed with the bonuses such as no cash out during the game.


For instance, you have to place an accumulator bet of at least 10 games with a minimum of 1.20 odds for the one-game cut bonus. You may not do this under normal circumstances but it is a requirement to be eligible for the bonus. Also, you may have to keep an eye on the social media outlet or the platform itself to be aware of some of the bonus offers, there is no specific timing. 

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How to bet on Handicap – top approaches explained



One of the common problems of sports betting is that people rarely wager on underdogs, visibly weaker teams, and all such. If a matchup is uneven, the majority of bettors will bet on the safe choice. True, if the probable loser actually wins, the payoffs are going to be huge. But that’s not enough.

To make it more interesting, and to convince participants to risk more money, bookies often include spreads into such uneven matches. Handicaps (or spreads) make it more likely that your bet on an underdog will be successful. Whole leagues are often imbued with different handicaps to make the experience more thrilling.

These handicap betting tips will help you understand more about this betting method.

What is a handicap bet and what sports are involved?

Spread is an intentional fixing of odds in favor of weaker teams in a league. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, as many major tournaments include often include these bonuses. Premier League, European Cup, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, and many others. It’s a widespread thing with many varieties.

Spread essentially makes it easier for you to make a successful bet on a team that is less likely to win. Even if it loses, you can still cash in. In some varieties, like the European type, you need to make an approximate bet in points before the league starts. So, it adds another layer of leniency toward the bettor.

What are different handicap systems? Top ways to bet on Handicap

It can come in absolutely different forms, which depends on the betting site and its own preferences. But the most common types are, as follows:

  • European handicap. This sort of shuffles the points that the teams need to earn during the upcoming league so that stronger teams need to earn more, while weaker teams have a point boost from the get-go. The exact numbers depend on the performance of the teams in question.
  • Asian handicap. This sort demands that a stronger team wins by a particular amount of goals or that a weaker team loses only by a specific margin. You can select your desired difference (-2, -1, -0.25, +0.25, +1, +2 and more). 

There can be other spreads, but these two are classic. The former is more common in European bookies, and the latter – in Asian ones, but they can be present wherever. It’s a matter of preference, and big worldwide providers often offer both.

The system is most often used in football betting, but similar sports, where systems of points and scores can work, also have spread. Ice hockey, American football, basketball, and many others get representation, even if to a smaller degree. Football remains a preferential sport.

Pros and cons of Handicap betting

Handicap betting is an interesting addition that makes life for many bettors more interesting but also makes it harder to bet on stronger challengers. If we take into account that this system is in place on a website, and you can’t just bet as normal, then it can be a double-edged sword.

Spread games are certainly more interesting and ‘even’, but it comes at a cost of artificially mashing all teams into more-or-less the same skill group. The stronger teams will still have an advantage, even with reduced points. But it can often make differentiating between teams useless.

Where to look for the best odds for Handicap?

The odds differ from place to place, but they can also depend on the type of handicap you’ll encounter. The Asian type usually has better odds. It doesn’t mean you need to go to Asian bookie websites, but it may be a better way to earn money if that’s what you want.

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