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The Tide Newspaper is one of the Nigerian dailies published by Rivers State Newspaper Corporation. It commenced production on December 1, 1971. Since it is funded by the state government, the news coverage is more inclined towards the interests of the people of Rivers State.

The Tide Newspaper is the most respected source of news and information for readers in the Country, with the latest stories on politics and current affairs, business and technology, sports, culture and the arts, as well as the popular citylife supplement, with nightlife news, restaurant reviews and top events.

The Tide Newspaper is a daily  publication with a circulation of up to 800,000 and is distributed to more than 300 locations around the country, including international airports,  tourist information points, embassies and consulates, business centres, major hotels, popular hostels, restaurants, shops, sports centres, medical centres and language schools. It is also carried by  airlines on international flights.

Thanks to the quality of the publication and its wide circulation, The Tide Newspaper is read by tens of thousands of English-speaking tourists, business people and expatriates as well as Nigerian who are comfortable with the l value the high-quality articles of the newspaper. As such, the The Tide Newspaper is undoubtedly the best media channel for advertisers to reach Millions of Nigerians. Due to the broad-ranging nature of the paper, our clients can choose from a range of advertising options which suit their business, supported by the newspaper’s website In addition to the unbeatable exposure The Tide Newspaper offers to advertisers, our clients are pleased to be associated with such a prestigious publication.

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