Boko Haram Now Business Under Buhari -Activist


An activist in Rivers State and President of Centre for Democratic Network (CEFODEN), Dr. Christian Lazarus, says that Boko Haram and other insurgencies have now become lucrative business in Nigeria under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for the past four years.
Speaking with The Tide during an interview at Ohambele, in Ukwa-East LGA of Abia State yesterday on Nigeria and insecurity, Lazarus stressed that the dimensions assumed by the scourge is beyond human imagination and solution.
He described the escalating insecurity in Nigeria as worrisome and advised the government to demonstrate commitment and strategic actions to assure Nigerians that the government had their interest at heart.
According to him, “The group reminded the leadership of this nation that peace can facilitate economic and stable growth. We call the President to show compassion and empathy for the abject conditions of the citizenry.”
He observed that the widening gulf between the rich and poor did not speak well for the future of Nigeria, adding that, “The government should consider the state of insecurity in the country and protect the lives and property of citizenry, especially from the menace of Boko Haram, among other sects for posterity.”
On infrastructure, he observed and appreciated the giant strides being taken by the federal government in improving infrastructure in the country, especially in the roads and rail sectors.
Concerning the minimum wage, Lazarus appreciated President Muhammadu Buhari for signing into law the New Minimum Wage Bill and promised to continue in prayers that naira exchange rate improved to make the increment meaningful to the Nigerian workers.
He added that, other employers of labour should key into the new minimum wage rigime to aalleviate the sufferings of Nigerian workers.