Timaya Makes Waves With New Song ‘Timaya 2 Stoopid’


DM records star, Timaya is back again with new song, ‘Timaya 2 stoopid’. The track is super hot and has all chances to become the next ultimate banger. The long anticipated solo record proves that the artiste has a lot yet to say.
The productiveness of the musician is really impressive, just a few months we have passed since the release of his latest album Chulo vibes and the artiste introduces yet another work.
Released June 28, 2019 and produced by Master Kraft under DM records limited. The brand new track has a hypnotising rhythym, a trade mark of the singer. The record charges you into the paralled universe where the artiste thrills the world with his voice and music. Such an irresistible track is bound to become the next hit.
The song is master fully complimented by high quality visuals in the official music video. As all videos for Timaya’s track this one is appealing in its own unique way. It makes you look for details and admire all the intricacies of the images you get.
‘Timaya 2 stoopid’ is an irresistible record that has every feature of an ultimate banger. The artiste has done a great job of creating a song that is so loved by so many people.