Expert Tasks Parents, Govt On Girl-Child Education


A management expert, Ms. Lucy Adolphus, has advised parents and government at all levels to invest in girl- child education, saying female children are nation builders.
In a chat with The Tide in Port Harcourt yesterday, Adolphus said that most parents regard girl-child education as not important and therefore, pay less attention to it.
According to her, some parents prefer to force their girl-child to early marriage than investing in her education.
“It is time to take female-child education seriously and not seeing it as optional. Girls are useful and not useless as perceived by most people”. she said.
As she puts it, “They grow up to become mothers with the task of building nations. Mothers are nation builders. How can they build the nation when they lack the requisite knowledge.”
She averred: “They also have the right to education just like the male- child. Parents and government need change their mentality towards the girl-child”, Adolphus maintained.
She, however, called on the public to stop seeing women as inferior and second-best that are only useful for domestic reasons.
Adolphus asserts that girls are not “pushovers. They will become mothers if properly managed and given the opportunity they deserve”, she said.
She also called on media practitioners to write, campaign, inform and orientate the public through billboard advertisement, commercials, radio and drama on importance of girl-child education to the society.
Meanwhile, she has urged religious leaders, and schools to always organize seminars to sensitise the public on the need to change their negative perception towards the girl -child.


Bethel Toby