Cleric Extols The Uniqueness Of Women …Harp On Resourcefullness

Cross section of participants during the opening ceremony of the 2019 Press Week of Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Rivers State Chapter at the NUJ Press Centre, Moscow Road, Port Harcourt, yesterday. Photo: Egberi A. Sampson

A cleric, Rev. Tari Ekiyor, has described women as the most intelligent class in the human race, whose effort at nation building deserves commendation.
At the last Resourceful Women Conference organized in Bayelsa recently, Tari who stated that men and women were designed to complement each other, regretted the inability of both to understand themselves.
Highlighting the innate qualities of women over men, Tari said that men are single-focused at a time and as such don’t like multi-tasking jobs, while women see each task as a project worth chasing per time.
Tari further stated that the both sexes must complement each other by learning together, while discouraging women from leaving clues for their husbands.
He said women that leave clues for their husbands, expecting that they would understand the clues and act accordingly end up disappointed and sometimes their marriages tear apart.
Rev Tari charged women to sit back and approach things differently, adding that women marry men hoping to change them, whereas men marry women hoping they remain like that and at the end everyone gets disappointed.
He urged women to try and understand the men first, instead of trying to change them. He insisted that women must find a balance in order for them to excel in life.
“A man will think before he feels, a woman feels first before she thinks women are designed to be more emotional, whereas men are different in the way they think, so don’t expect men to think like women”, Tari added.
Meawnwhile the senior pastor of City of Glory Redemption, Pastor Love Emuze, has called on women to plan their life by investing in it, de-emphasising on clothing, and learning how to use what they have so as not to live above their income, thereby creating problems for themselves, children and the entire family.
Pastor Emuze, who explained that womanhood means sacrifice, said women are made to pay all the sacrifices to ensure things work for the home. She therefore, encouraged women to be more resourceful, instead of being a liability to men.
She described a mother as a servant, who serves other people, insisting that there must be a bond between mothers and their children, noting that the way they train their children would determine how they enjoy them in the future.


Susan Serekara-Nwikhana