Davido’s ‘Fall’ Becomes World’s 4th Best Selling Song


Davido has just achieved an unbelievable feat as his 2017 hit single “fall” becomes a major force to reckon with in terms of digital sales all over the world.
Bill board some hours ago published the five songs that are currently enjoying the biggest digital sales in the world music, and Davido’s “fall” is the fourth best selling song currently in the world.
Fall was released in June 2017, it became an instant hit in Nigeria and Africa as both the young and old vibed excitedly to its unique sound and simple lyrics.
Fall was only recognized as a major hit in Africa until about a year and a half and later when it began to gradually pop heavily in America.
It enjoyed and still enjoying massive radio air plays in the us as well as moved up really speedily in shazam charts as a lot of people wanted to have it on their mobile devices.
Meanwhile, Davido has also promised that there would be a huge remix of the song.