East/West Road: Commuters Task Govt On Road Remediation Work


Commuters plying Nkpolu axis of the East/West road have charged governments at all level to embark on remediation work on the deplorable road that had been taken over by flood.
The commuters lamented over what they described as total neglect of the plight of common citizens and road users by the relevant authorities responsible to fix the road.
The Tide reports that the Nkpolu junction of the East/West road had become worst since 2017 when heavy flooding took over the area, thereby damaging a large part of the road which had posed a serious concern to users of the route.
Speaking to The Tide, a commuter, Mrs Rose Amadi said that the traffic gridlock that the bad road was generating had caused her loss of appointments at Choba, stressing that government at the three tier level had neglected and abandoned the road to the awful fate of the road users.
She recalled that in December of 2017, inspite of government negligence, a religious body Eckankar took it up as a challenge and embarked on a remediation work that made the portion of that spot passable till date.
A student of University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), John Uwa told our correspondent that the bad road had affected his examination severally, saying that he had missed his exams due serious holdup occasioned by the bad road that can trap road users for hours.
According to him, most drivers shuttle half way making the transport fare to be doubled and some drivers that would want to go ahead, increase their fare to N150 of normal N100 fare from Rumuokoro to Choba.
He appealed to government to take proactive measures to arrest the situation.
A commercial driver who plies the Nkpolu axis of the East/West route, Ola Seun lamented over the condition of the road, saying that it had affected his business, “I usually make about seven trips previously, but now with this bad road it reduced to three trips only, a situation that is not favourable after making a daily return to the owner of the vehicle”.
Seun further said that the vehicle breaks down indiscriminately due to the deplorable condition of the road making the cost of maintaining the vehicle unimaginable.
He appealed to governments, well spirited individuals, corporate bodies and religious organisations to donate their resources to the maintenance of the road, just as a religious body Eckankar did recently.