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How many African stars have played in the NFL?



It is well known that the four major North American sports leagues are famous around the world. The LA Lakers, New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Montreal Canadians jerseys can be found on fans from any of the seven continents. It is also becoming more obvious that each of the four major league sports are looking to expand their fan base, exposure and potentially some sort of international expansion or partnership with other countries.

For the past few seasons, the NFL has scheduled exhibitions or regular season games in Canada, England and Mexico. One continent that is chomping at the bit for some NFL action is Africa. While the NBA currently holds down the popularity title due to the number of professional players and the league’s offseason tours and programs, the increase in NFL players from Africa may one day help put the homeland of many Africans on the schedule.

In 1970, the Dallas Cowboys roster featured the first African born player to sign with a NFL club. Zambian placekicker Howard Mwikuta would fall short of cracking the regular season roster, but the Northern Rhodesia born soccer star would be the first African player to suit up for an NFL franchise.

As Mwikuta did a dozen years prior, Gary Anderson, born in Parys, South Africa, exchanged one football career for another as he would crack the regular season roster for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1982. Anderson, the NFL’s third all-time leading scorer, would wind up playing for six teams over his twenty-three-year career, collecting six Pro-Bowl spots along the way.  Last season, 30 of the 32 teams in the NFL featured a native born or first-generation player from one of eighteen African countries on their regular season roster.

Christian Okoye, one of the most popular African born NFL players was famously dubbed the “Nigerian Nightmare” due to his power and speed. During Okoye’s six seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs (1987-92), he was twice named to the Pro Bowl. Although there were others before him, the running back became more of a focal point and inspiration for African born talent to follow their dreams and aspirations of playing professional American football at a position that required more than a solid foot.

Arguably one of the best linebackers to suit up for the Kansas City Chiefs, Tamba Hali finished his twelve-year career holding down second spot on the team’s all-time tackle list, with 591 tackles, 51 behind leader Derrick Thomas. While he won’t be enshrined in the Hall of Fame like Thomas, the Liberian was acknowledged for his efforts with five straight Pro Bowl appearances.

While he may not have the on field accolades that his countrymen may have, Amboi Okoye (no relation to the Chiefs star, but also Nigerian) holds the distinction of being the youngest player ever selected in the NFL’s first round of the amateur draft, leading the NCAAF betting picks, at just 19 years old. Okoye would play in only 87 games over his six-year NFL career before trying to catch on with the CFL’s Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

After being relatively unknown to most fans and experts during his first three years in college, Ghana born Ezekiel Ansah turned heads during his breakout senior season and was drafted with the fifth overall pick in 2013 by the Detroit Lions.  While the defensive end has had his struggles remaining healthy, when he managed to stay off the injured list, he produced a Pro Bowl worthy season, something that the Seattle Seahawks hope he can replicate in 2019-20.

There are currently only a handful of players in the NFL to have a Super Bowl ring on their finger. Just as it does with North American born players, those who are fortunate enough to have reached the pinnacle of NFL success and can proudly bring back to Africa a sign of hope into more youngsters following their footsteps.

Whereas many players from the United States have a neighbourhood betting on their successes, any player from Africa will have an entire country and maybe even a continent applauding their hard work, sacrifice and achievement, hoping that they too one day will be the next star to represent their homelands.


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Profitable online betting with professionals



Thanks to the unique feature of online betting, you can now convert your knowledge in the field of sports into a worthy reward. Today, the French championship is in full swing, and who can make forecasts for events from it in full.

PSG managed to strengthen their ranks this summer, making itself the main contender for gold medals in League 1 once again. Ander Herrera, Diallo, Sergio Rico, Keylor Navas, Mauro Icardi – this is not a complete list of those players who joined the roster of the current champion France.

Another transfer achievement of the Parisians is the preservation of Neymar in the ranks of the team.


All summer, the Brazilian has been hunted by the main grandees of European football:

  • Real;
  • Barcelona;

However, the requirements of the club were so high that none of the potential buyers gave away such an amount for Neymar. Moreover, the Brazilian was injured during the summer, and it was unknown in what condition he would return to the field. The saga with the transfer of Neymar was so loud that the bookmakers even opened online betting on where he would continue his career.

Remaining in the PSG, the Brazilian quickly came to his senses and scored in the first match after returning to the field. This once again demonstrates his level. However, the triumphs in the domestic arena are not quite what the club’s management is counting on, because its main goal is a successful performance in the international arena.

You can follow the games of the Parisians and their rivals thanks to the live football stream on 1xBet. Here you have access to matches of all tournaments.


PSG achievements in Liga 1 France

In the national championship, the team of Tuchel started quite confidently. It was not without loss of points, but the main competitors have even more obvious problems, which should help PSG once again win the league title. Information on Liga 1 France and all the games held within it is presented on the reliable bookmaker website.

Now, PSG has such a level of competition that at least 2 performers apply for each position on the field. A well organized transfer campaign has strengthened the already excellent lineup of the Parisians.

Last season, by the middle of the championship, it became obvious that in Liga 1 France they would have no competitors. Let’s see how fate will turn out this time. It is possible that the performance in the Champions League will also take away a lot of strength from Tuchel’s players, which will be a chance for their rivals. But whether they will be able to maintain the pace set by PSG, we can find out only at a long and intense tournament distance.


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FOX9JA Investigates The Nigerian Casino Market And Shows Where The Money Is



FOX9JA, a new website, has been launched to open up the Nigerian online betting market to public scrutiny and demonstrate the money involved in these operations, company officials said yesterday.

“There is a lot of gambling in Nigeria today,” said Habib Adeyemi president of FOX9JA. “It is such a popular pastime. But we found that people do not realize just how much money is floating around in the betting market. We want to open that up and let the casinos starting from Bet9ja become accountable.”

Online bet shops are growing in Nigeria, and most people don’t necessarily understand how big they are becoming or what their level of influence is, Adeyemi said. This can lead to trouble down the line.

“Whenever an industry becomes as big as online gambling is in Nigeria, it can start to have an effect on local politics,” Adeyemi said. “And this trend can become quite disturbing as time goes on. We want to let people know exactly how much money is being wagered, and where that money is going.”

FOX9JA has set up a system for investigating all of the various betting houses that operate online in Nigeria. It then breaks down this information into the percentage of the market each one has, and the individual profits each one makes.

“The people of Nigeria are constantly bombarded with ads for various gambling sites,” he said. “They may not know which sites are large or small, and which sites have a good reputation. We do all of the research for them, and we report the information in an easy to follow way that we think will be quite eye-opening for the average Nigerian player.”

The site also details the various bonuses that each casino uses to lure players in, and explains how these offers really work.

“We think people will be quite surprised at the differences in welcome offers offered by the various casinos,” he said. “Some of them are quite good. But others have odd strings attached that make them much less attractive. We want to let Nigerians know the good, the bad and the ugly.”

FOX9JA plans to update its site continuously as the betting market in Nigeria changes.

“When this much money is involved, the status of the industry does not stay the same for long,” he said. “Big players become bigger and push the smaller players out of the market. We want to make sure that Nigerian bettors know as much as possible.”

FOX9JA is an independent company launched in 2019. Its goal is to look into the Nigerian online betting industry and report on the real news behind the advertisements. The company researches market share, the total number of bets placed, and total profits. It also provides constantly updated reviews for each and every casino in the Nigerian market.

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How To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO



In order to be successful with your business blog, you will need to make your blog post more search engine friendly. That also means that you will have to update your content constantly with relevant content, as well as optimizing your blog post. In this article, we teach you how to , your blog posts for SEO.

Do your research

Keyword research is one of the most important things when it comes to on-page optimization. Bloggers need to understand and find out the number of tools and techniques that are available for finding related keywords that are relevant to your blog post. Make sure that you take some time to do keyword research before you write your blog post. For example. If you’re going to be writing a post on slots online, you will need to make sure that you include online casino games, online payment methods, and many other related keywords.

Use keywords throughout your post

When you’re done with the previous exercise, make sure that you place your keywords in your article so that they can impact the readers, as well as well as search engine crawlers. Make sure that you include your keywords in the title, in the subheadings, and in your paragraphs and anchor text. Als make sure that you include your keywords in your metas. However, it is not recommended to engage in keyword stuffing as Google might penalize you.

Optimize your images

Make sure that the images that you uploaded to your blog post have keywords in their names. Also, make sure that the alternate text field is filled with a brief description that is keyword rich.

Reference others with links

When you write your top NZ online betting web




sites post, make sure that you include links to other blogs. This may allow you to get linkbacks which are quite valuable as this may meta your site rank higher.

Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts

In order for your blog to be successful, you will need to make it available on social media. This creates connections with customers. Furthermore, it allows you to promote your blog content for free, thereby receiving more exposure. Some of the social media sites that you can make use of include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.


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