Rivers Set For Green Economy – Perm-Sec


The Rivers State Ministry of Environment says the inauguration of the technical committee for the implementation of the Rivers State Government report on soot was an indication of the preparedness by the government to promote a green economy in a healthy and sustainable environment.
The Permanent Secretary, Rivers State Ministry of Environment, Dr. Emmanuel S. Urang said this in a broadcast to mark the 2019 World Environment Day in Port Harcourt.
The theme for this year’s celebration to be hosted by China was, “Air pollution:” Urang said in the broadcast that “we cannot stop breathing but we can do something with the quality of air that we breath”.
According to him, “Air pollution is any chemical physical or biological change which caused the atmosphere to become dirty and thus risks not only our potential for survival but also those of animals and plants, stressing that since the appearance of the soot in the state, the government has taken several measures to check its effects on the people.
The Permanent Secretary said that the government having identified the sources of the soot is now ready to put an end to it, adding that the latest effort by the government was indication that the end of soot is in sight in the state.
He stressed the need for residents of the state to compliment the effort of Governor Wike towards ensuring a healthy environment in the state.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the theme of the 2019 World Environment Day again is “Air Pollution”.
“Note that we cannot stop breathing, but we can do something with the quality of the air that we breath”, he said.