How Rivers People Assess Gov Wike’s First Term

Chief Nyesom Wike, Rivers State Governor.

The Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike will be inaugurated for a second term in office today, May 29, 2019, a date now referred to as Nigeria’s day of transition. The Federal Government has set aside June 12 every year as the country’s new Democracy Day.
As the Governor takes a fresh oath of office for another four year tenure, our correspondent, Dennis Naku who sourced the views of residents on how they assessed the governor’s first term and what they will like to see the governor do in the next four years and other issues, reports that all the respondents are unanimous that the state number one citizen deserves applause.

Elder Benneth Bekwela Amadi, opinion leader, Elekahia Community
The Governor did well in this first term because of the numerous projects and his style of leadership and I think he deserves commendation. We are only praying that he should do more in this second tenure.
Yes, I will say he did very well in infrastructure. But there is need for him to do more because a lot of things still need to be done. For example, he should not only focus on the city. He should extend the development to the rural area because that is where majority of our people live.
Human capital development
I score him 50 per cent in this area because many of the youths are still jobless. The lack of jobs is what is making many of them to go into crime. Somehow, I think if the youths are empowered or engaged meaningfully, they will not have time for all these crimes, violence and some of the security challenges like killings, kidnapping and other vices will not be there. This is my personal opinion.
Socio-economic development
Well, one thing I know is that Governor Wike is a man of integrity and principle. Whatever he says he will do, he does it. That shows he has the people at heart and I believe he will do more in this area this second tenure. But by and large, he did well in infrastructure. If the roads are good and there is electricity, these are things that create jobs and make life easy. They usher in development and people will have many things to do and survive with their families. Though there is still a lot to be done, he should prove to people that this second term will be better than the first. In all, I commend him for what he has been doing.
Advice to the governor on security and agriculture
If the Governor says he will tackle security that means he is not happy with the challenges the state is facing in that area. You see security, the safety of lives and property is the most important thing. No meaningful development can take place in such a situation and not much can be achieved without security. I know he has been supporting security agencies in the state.  On their part, if the various security agencies like the Police, Army and others cooperate with him, he will be able to fight all these crime to a standstill as the chief security officer of the state and people can sleep with their two eyes closed.

Charity Wokoma, graduate/business woman
Well, I can say he tried his best in the area of infrastructure. He constructed a lot of roads and rehabilitated some. I also know that he has renovated a number of public schools and hospitals. But when it comes to roads in particular, I give him (the Govern or) a thumbs up.
In all the roads that he did, the one that is dear to my heart as a business person is the Trans-Amadi Road. You know there are more than 50 companies in that area, so for him to give that road a priority, I am really happy because it is close to my business area and also close to where I stay. I know what it takes to do business on a bad road and stuffs like that. So, I am happy.
Human capital development
I think the Governor has also done well in this area. He tried because I have a younger brother who told me that he once got a grant from the state government led by Governor Nyesom Wike.
So for a business person, I know for you to get a grant that you are not paying back, no matter how little it is, it will go a long way. And there is something I heard about civil servants getting interest free loans from the government. I think it is commendable. With that, most of them can use the money to do something concrete. So, he (the Governor) did well. Has he done enough? Definitely not! Can he do better? Sure, he can and I believe he will.
Socio-economic aspect
Like I said, he still needs to do more to stimulate the economy so that people can be happy. I am looking at the specifics of human capital development, I am not one of those people that subscribe to dashing money to people, just create an enabling environment for business to thrive. For instance, the woman working in the salon, the young boy in the barbing salon, the tailor and so many of us that are self-employed or trying to start our own businesses; all we need is light (electricity) to be a little more comfortable in our line of business.
The major thing I want to see this government do is social economic development which boils down to human capital development which you (The Tide) also mentioned earlier. As a person, I do not believe in free money, dashing people money for no reason. Just endeavor to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and you will see that this social vices we are talking about will drastically reduce because nobody will want to be used for anything negative if he/she is busy, employed or positively engaged. I for instance, nobody will call me out for anything when I know that it might affect my business or make me close shop. I will not involve myself in anything like that. As a youth myself, I know that if these youths that are into crime are engaged, though it is not an excuse for them to misbehave. But if the right environment is in place for businesses, you know Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and encourage young entrepreneurs like us to do businesses successfully, these social vices would not be there.
Youth empowerment
How do you empower a youth? Is it by giving him amnesty? Is it by just training him in one aspect of business or one skills acquisition and leave him like that? That is part of the reason some of them have gone back to the creeks because those were not the major things. The real issues were not addressed. If the right thing is done and the right environment is created, many of these young people that got the amnesty training for instance, if given some grants may go into businesses.
Then, where are those youths that are going to be tools in the hands of the politicians? So, I believe the Governor is doing well and like Oliver Twist, we want him to do more. So providing an enabling environment is very important.
Advice to governor on security and agriculture
If I may talk about Agriculture, do you know that almost 90 per cent of the food consumed here come from neighbouring states and sometimes outside the country? You will be marvelled that the things like fish and crayfish are now brought from Cotonou and Cameroon even pepper and fresh tomatoes. So, if the government puts her money more in Agriculture and create that enabling environment to thrive, the state will be okay.
Even if she (the state) cannot produce 50 per cent of what she consumes, she can at least produce 40 per cent and if we are able to do that, you can imagine how many persons that will be employed. I tell people that these social vices are traceable to unemployment. For instance, I am from Buguma in Asari-Toru LGA. Growing up, I know there is a place we go to buy fish (fish pond), Rivers State has a fish pond, these days, fishermen cannot kill fish anymore because of oil pollution and the illicit act of bunkering.
The whole place is so messed up that it is very difficult to go fishing. If the government can look into areas like fish farming, like what I know while growing up in Asari-Toru, the Buguma fish farm, if he can do something like that if not in the 23 LGAs, at least, 15 or 20 and the State can produce half of what she can eat and even sell to the neighbouring states, you can imagine how many youths will be employed.
So yes, agriculture is key to growing the economy as well. We can start somewhere. Let us give importance to agriculture because almost all the human needs are in agriculture. So if the state can invest more in agriculture, it will be fine.
Like the Bible says, love your neighbour as you love yourself. When you love your neighbour, you will neither hurt nor kill your neighbour. If the state government can invest more in youth development, there will be less of these vices in the state. Some of these youths have been a willing tool in the hands of politicians because they are idle. You can imagine someone wasting a life (killing a person) that he cannot create for just receiving N5000 or N10, 000. It is sad. As a business person, I know what we face when there is no light and you are running a generator set throughout the day. If I can save that money and employ more persons, my business will increase. It is the same scenario for many others that are into business.
So, these young entrepreneurs should be given some attention like I heard the governor did in giving some grants to encourage them. So we know that government cannot employ everybody so more youths should be encouraged to go into business and farming.
Last words: Look at the politicians, where their kids are and advise yourself.

Josephine Aka-Ara Amadi, Nurse
For me, the governor tried in building roads, schools and markets. I am happy that he won the election for him to do more. You know the man (Governor Wike) is talk and do.
I am very happy that he built New Mile One Market, new fruit and vegetable market, so people are happy with him. When that fruit market is completed, the traders there will have a more comfortable place to do their business. They will no longer stay on the road. The Mile One Market is almost completed and it is a very big and fine structure and more traders and business people will be accommodated.
The markets will help people for them to do their businesses and help themselves and their families.
But let him continue to do more because some governors when they enter for a second term, they will stop working. So let him continue the good things he has been doing and do more roads and God will bless him.
Yes, it is very important because all these killings and violence are not good at all. People are afraid of going out at night these days. So, let him try and stop the violence and cult activities so that the state can return to what it used to be.
Socio-economic development
He is doing well because I know he is not owing workers’ salaries at all. But let him continue to look into their welfare and promotion so that people can be happy.
He should also try and create employment because many of our youths are jobless and that is why some of them are going into crime when they are idle. He should empower the people.


Dennis Naku