Don Cautions Against Politicising Ogoni Clean-Up

2nd Deputy Speaker, ECOWAS Parliament, Aminata Toungara (back), Commissioner for Social Affairs and Gender, ECOWAS, Dr Siga Jagne (left), Representative of ICAN, Kolade Fadahunsi (2nd left) and Legal Coordinator, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Rochus Peyer, during their presentation at the on-going ECOWAS ordinary session in Abuja, yesterday.

A university don and Fellow of the Nigerian Environmental Society (FNES), Olu Wai-Ogosu  has decried the prolonged delay in the implementation of the Ogoni clean up by the Federal Government, saying such a project that affect the lives of the people should not be politicized.
Ogosu, who is the immediate past President, Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), stated this during an exclusive interview with The Tide in Port Harcourt, even as he advocated that merit rather than federal character should be considered when making critical appointments in the country.
He said, “Take a look at the environmental situation, the one that is very current. The Ogoni clean up. Because of the very negative approach to that project, the state has no stake in it. Stake in terms of even listening to the state to get suggestions as to how the projects is supposed to be managed.
“So you see the State is also on the losing end. Why are they politicizing it? It is not supposed to be because lives are involved.
“Politics which is supposed to be a way of delivering dividends to people. But you find out in the African context politics become vindictive where you now deny the people certain dividends. Rivers State is the Treasure base of the nation.
“That is what they say and she is making immense contribution to the economy and growth of this country Nigeria. But in return how has the state been treated?
“Why do we allow individual interest to supersede state interest or patriotism? That is where we have found ourselves, the senior lecturer, Rivers State University said, even as he said merit rather than federal character should be considered when making critical appointments.
He also decried the state of the East West Road, saying, “The very major road that crisscrosses the East and the West of this country, it has been at the same state that the last administration at the Federal level left it. No inch of asphalt has been added,” he said there has been deliberate denial of competent people from the state into positions.


Dennis Naku