Using Food To Manage Diabetes


Diabetes is an ailment majorly caused by poor dietary habits that overwhelms the body with too much carbohydrate, such that it cannot be properly managed and the excess leads to high sugar level that the system cannot manage again.
Though the body need carbohydrate to sustain energy, excess carbohydrate put the system under pressure. Many diabetic sufferers have fallen ‘into diabetic coma” because they continue to eat food that overload the sugar such that the body cannot process them.
Normally diabetes is one to abnormal functions in the assimilation of starch and sugar. The Isles of Langerhans, little clusters of cells located within the pancreas, manufacture insulin. This is a hormone necessary for burning, up of sugar in the body. Thus when insulin is insufficiently secreted, an excessive amount of sugar accumulates in the blood. Since excessive starch consumption is the major cause, the drugless approach to manage diabetes is aimed at helping to clean up and eliminate excess sugar in the body.
A naturopathic practitioner M.O. Garten recommends raw food programme for his diabetic patients. These patients are allowed to eat these raw foods for four days. The foods include green beans, onions, potatoes, garlic and grapes among others.
Garten claim that when diabetic patients are put under a regime of raw food their blood sugar is normalized, the sugar in their urine also diminishes to a considerable extent.
He stressed that, “diabetics need foods that are not chemically treated. Today’s’ harsh preserved and chemically sprayed foods leave a chemical residue in the diabetics system that is like adding fat to fire”.
Instead of consuming, processed foods, the diabetic is advised to eat organic foods, for natural foods.
For instance, he recommends that a diabetic should devote two days per week to a diet of natural food during which raw grapefruit juice is taken. Nothing else should center the system. Ingredients in this fruit help to oxidate, sponge up and soak up excess sugar. It’s a natural way to duplicate the action of insulin.
Garten also recommends antichoke to his patients. Audichoke plants are not common or easily gotten in this dime, but that can be replaced with bitter gourd, a fruit that looks like cucumber but has a bitter fluid. Consuming, some raw slices of bitter good put in salad made up of other fruits such as walnuts, cucumber, cabbage and lemon can help cleanse the body of excess sugar.
After though detoxification and elimination of body sugar, the following foods should be consistently consumed by a diabetic and these should include those that have lots of fiber such as beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, soya beans, etc.
The America Diabetes Association lists plant based proteins such as beans, nuts, seeds or tofu, fish and seafood, including poultry with low fat as the best for those battling with diabetes.