Police Arraign Social Media Reporter Before Edo Magistrate Court


A social media reporter with the Edo State based Civil Society Organisations (CSOs),  Edoghogho Ugberaese, will today appear before a Benin Magistrate Court for allegedly taking the photographs of a woman convicted for street trading.
Ugberaese had been arraigned before Ivie Akere, the court magistrate, for allegedly taken the photograph of the woman who was fined for contravening street trading laws at the Urhokputa Hall, Benin City.
The accused was arrested and detained for five hours and arraigned on Monday, May 13, 2019 after which the matter was adjourned to May 22.
The accused was alleged to have used her phone to record oral interview of the convict who claimed that she was going home after the day’s sales and was arrested for street trading.
The accused was charged under Section 249 (d) of the Criminal Code for using a phone to record court proceedings in a way that amounted to breach of the peace.
Section 249 (d) of the law states that “every person who, in any public place, conducts himself in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace, shall be deemed idle and disorderly persons, and may be arrested without warrant, and shall be guilty of a simple offence, and shall be liable to imprisonment for one month.”