Govt Commissioning Incomplete Road Projects -Instructor


A Chief Instructor in the Safety Centre Driving School in Port Harcourt, Mr Vitalis Chibueze says government at all levels in Nigeria are constructing and commissioning uncompleted roads.
Chibueze made the assertion in an interview with The Tide source in Port Harcourt, yesterday.
He said that roads in the country were constructed without the necessary features for users.
“Here in Nigeria, government commissions uncompleted roads that the citizens ignorantly celebrate in most cases as dividend of democracy.
“A road is incomplete when it has no drainage system, pedestrian walkway, street and traffic lights, road markings and traffic signs,” he said.
According to Chibueze, the country has completely failed in the construction of roads because fundamental features are most times not considered.
“He noted that Asphalting a road does not make it a complete road, no matter the quality of the asphalt, adding that.
“Nigeria has passed the level that government will construct asphalted roads without drainage system and traffic features,” he added.
The driving instructor explained that roads that had the required traffic attributes would experience reduced crashes, while the drainage would make it last.