PDP Blasts F-SARS Over Gberegbe’s Murder …Says Killer Won’t Go Unpunished


The Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has described as heartless, callous, awful to the ear and unimaginably conscienceless the testimony of the Commander of the Federal Anti-Special Robbery Squad (F-SARS), ACP Akin Fakorede concerning the dastardly killing of a lecturer with Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori and former chairman of the polytechnic’s branch of the Association of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ACSUP), Dr. Ferry Gberegbe, during the March 9, Governorship and state House of Assembly election in Rivers State.
The PDP while reacting to Mr. Fakorede’s testimony before the Joint House of Representatives Committee on Army, Human Rights, Justice and Police Affairs in Port Harcourt, Rivers State said that for Fakorede to deny involvement and responsibility for the barbaric act, which he allegedly personally masterminded on the day of the election, has cast a big question mark not only on his mental health but also on his very essence as a human being.
Reminding Fakorede that the perpetrators of the dastardly act would pay a costly prize, the PDP said more satanic and unforgiving was the unrepentant stance of the police officer when he alluded that the late academic and father of four was a victim of his own plot.
Still suspicious of Fakorede’s mental health condition, the PDP noted with dismay the incongruity and inconsistency in the F-SARS chief’s testimony when he alleged that the bullets that silenced Gberegbe were pumped through the nuzzles of the guns of his friends, and not from those of his foes or security operatives as widely reported.
The PDP wondered what Fakorede went to Bori, headquarters of Khana Local Government Area, and election results collation centre to do on the 10th of March, 2019, and how he got all the information he put up as a defence, and dismissed all his testimonies as deliberate evasion of the point at issue through attempts to obstruct the path of the investigation.
Insisting that Fakorede has questions to answer if such occurrences and inglorious disservice by the police personnel as witnessed during the Governorship election in Rivers State were to be checkmated, the PDP regretted that valuable assets like the person of late Gberegbe should be lost through the instrumentality of worthless elements whose only contribution to the society was to maim and kill for their political paymasters.
Asking the House of Representatives Committee to dismiss Fakorede’s testimonies on grounds of lacking in merit, inconsistency and self contradictory, the PDP said the blood-tasty and trigger-happy F-SARS commander was only trying to make two sorrows out of one to justify his brute rascality.
The PDP wondered how many unarmed and innocent persons they may have killed, and later lied against while dancing naked on their graves, like in the case of Dr. Ferry Gberegbe.
“Even at death, we still hold Dr. Gberegbe in very high esteem not only on account of his academic attainment but also in recognition of his standing up against injustice and laying down his life for the nation’s democracy to survive.
“We duff our hat for Dr. Gberegbe and pray that his spirit will not rest until all those who had a hand in his untimely death are brought to book no matter how highly placed. Dr. Gberegbe was never a cultist and could not have been one, was a friend of many and was only on lawful election duty on that fateful day when his life was cut short by hell-bent anti-democratic elements led by Akin Fakorede”, the PDP declared, praying that those behind his gruesome murder and their families never find peace.