Certified Information Systems Security Officer Certification Exam Preparation


Certified Information Systems Security Officer or CISSO certification is considered to be one of the most sought-after credentials for information security professionals in the IT industry. You can take a preparation course first to learn the technology and gain knowledge to enroll for the exam and gain the certification on clearing it.


The requirements for CISSO certification are one year of experience in at least two modules of the syllabus or one year in information security management job role. On completing the program, the Certified Information Systems Security Officer will be able to establish the industry acceptable IS management and cybersecurity industry best practices and standards. Competent preparation is required to clear the CISSO exam.


CISSO certification

Certified Information Systems Security Officer training is offered by many providers and also specific government organization to like DND (Department of National Defence of Canada) etc. Another organization is DOD (Department of Defense) in the United States offering training for this certification, which is a combined initiative titled as CANUS CDISM MOU.


Exam info

Certified Information Systems Security Officer certification exam can be taken online through the Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System which is known as MACS. You have to create a personal mile2 account and then enroll for the exam. The total duration of the Cisso certification exam is two hours with around 100 multiple choice questions to answer. The current cost for exam registration is 400 USD (refer to the official website for updated pricing), which can be only purchased through Mile2.


Whom this course will be ideal or?

Mile2 CISSO is a skill-specific course for information security professionals. Even though anyone can prepare for it, the credential will be most advantageous for professionals like:


  • Information security officer
  • Information security manager
  • IS planners.
  • Risk Managers
  • Information technology auditors
  • Information Systems business owners
  • Information Systems control assessors
  • System managers
  • Government officials dealing with information security



There is a lot of confusion among the Mile2’s CISSO and another popular certification of ISC2’s CISSP. It can be noted that both of these courses cover almost the same basic content with the exception that CISSO largely focuses on the Information Systems management modules than simply cover the theory. CISSO courses are designed for cybersecurity professionals who play key roles in organizations IS departments.


CISSO course rather addresses industry best practices and the skills expected out of a security leader. CISSO candidates learn both theory and practical implementation of security concepts, monitoring, practice, and compliance. Through a risk-based approach, CISSO maintains more cost-effective controls which are well-aligned to the industry standards and general business requirements.


CISSO primarily breaks down the curriculum from 8 modules found in the 19 modules in the CISSP course work. Mile2 has taken this design model as it is proven that learning potential is higher when the subject gets broken down into bite sizes than served big. Unlike CISSP, Mile2 doesn’t mandate job skills o practical experience to gain CISSO certification. ISC2 CISSP mandates the candidates to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the specified domains.