The different types of adaptive clothing for men and women


The innovative adaptive clothing has transformed the daily clothing style in a way that any individual with a physical disability, motion-related weakness, or mental conditions can wear it. The carefully crafted designs ensure comfortable dressing experience while promoting personal care for the user for a significant period. The caregivers also feel much at ease at the time of dressing the individuals whose motor skills are primarily affected, who are on wheelchairs, etc. So, if you have someone at your home, who can benefit from these clothes, then buy them a pair of these.

The unique adaptive clothing styles can be found in plenty for both women and men. Here is a quick look at the choices.

Adaptive cloth designs for women

For women, these types of clothes feature a variety of styles including open back, side-zip, cut away, fastener, etc. Let’s take a look at each of them to understand their functionality.

Clothes with side-zips for women

For untroubled dressing and toileting, the pants offer long zippers on either side of the seams. You can combine this with a blouse or t-shirt to complete the look. If you want a relaxed feel, you can choose from slacks that also come with side-zips. Then, there are sweatsuits too in the collection.

Cutaway cloths for women

A cutaway style dress is specially crafted for women with ambulatory problems. It makes the best choice for someone who cannot stand. The dresses are seatless so that toilet and other personal care activities become easy to perform. However, if that is not what one is looking for, then the other option is muu-muu. The muu-muugarments are usually loose fitting with comparatively bigger neckline and raglan sleeves.

By chance, if cutaway doesn’t suit an individual, you can choose from wrap back dresses. This kind of clothes comes with snaps that are located on the shoulder and waist area for closures. A wheelchair user or a bedridden person can feel comfortable in this dress because of the fewer numbers of pressure points.

Women apparels with fasteners

Certain types of illnesses and weaknesses diminish the body’s natural strength, as a result of which, self-dressing becomes impossible. Women may find it difficult to button their blouses with trembling hands. For them, this style features hook and loop closure tabs not only on blouses but pajamas too.

Adaptive cloth designs for men

Just like women, adaptive garments for men also come in distinct designs to make their physical movement inthese daily wears smooth and comfortable. You can find cutaway, open back, side-zip and other such fascinating choices for them. Here is a brief account of this.

Open-back apparels for men

The open back clothes show off snap closures for easy handling. The snaps sit at the strategic points on the spine so that pressure points feel less or no impact. If someone is not able to move his arms, you can look for a shirt with snap closure for him. It is quite useful in the case of dressing and accentuates the formal look. For a bit of casual appearance, the open back t-shirts are perfect. Their invigorating colors and prints are difficult to ignore.

However, the choices are not limited to the ones mentioned above. You can find stylish jumpsuits in this design to keep the person’s modesty intact. Apart from that, nightshirts and sweaters are also there to choose in this line of design so that your loved one can spend their days and nights in a much comfortable way.

Side-zip garments for men

Much like the women, the men clothes with side-zips are quite popular with individuals dealing with dressing and toilet issues. The zippers are longer than the usual ones. You can buy a sweat pant or knit pant in this design from the varieties available online and offline.

Men cutaway clothing

The cutaway designs are common on pants. Those who want to slip on pants but fail to pull their weight to wear them can choose these sets to fulfil their desire. The flap covers the seat area well and can quickly open too when moving from chair to the toilet seat. The cutaway pants also have personal caregivers’ preference.

Hooks-and-loops wears for men

The adaptive clothes come in impressive variations to suit different purposes. If someone doesn’t want to wear a shirt with buttons, he can switch over to fastener styled ones. The hooks and loop tabs replace the buttons at the closure. However, this design has not just been implemented on shirts but pants and pajamas too. Sometimes, medical conditions affect motor skills and curb one’s independence in the matters of toilet and dressing. But with these types of clothes, one can take a sigh of relief to a great extent.

So, there is as such no shortage of designs in this comfort wear for men and women who depend on others for their daily living activities due to injuries or health conditions. You can check Resident Essentials adaptive clothing and others online to get an idea of how these make the life of your loved ones easy. And the best part is, whether they are adult or elderly, you can find something for everyone.

Some cloth stores offer medical condition related dresses too. For example, someone who has Alzheimer may have a need that is unique to his or her illness compared to the one having arthritis. So, before you buy anything, make sure you understand the medical condition of the person and the difficulty he or she faces while performing their daily activities. Quick research on this will be useful. After all, you don’t want to get something that will have no use for your dear one.

Also, different online and offline stores will have their pricing. So, don’t go with the first option you encounter. Search 3 to 4 clothing stores, check their collection, compare the prices, and then take the final call. Some shops provide customization also. In case you want any alteration in functional design, you can talk to them. It may, however, cost you some extra cents.