Decisive matches in the Belgium league


The season in the Belgium league is coming to an end. Until the end of the championship there are not so many rounds left, and very soon we will find out the answers to the main questions of the season. A real surprise was Genk’s leadership in the standings, which was not considered as the main contender for the gold medals before the start of the season.

Over the past few years, the club has managed to make a big step forward. It plays in the international arena more often, and each time the club performs more and more successful. Over time, the team got the backbone that managed to play along really well and now almost does not allow errors on the field. Genk’s trump cards include:

  1. Versatility of many performers. Even if one of the team leaders is injured, there is another player to substitute him in his position. Moreover, it is not actually reflected on the results of the team.
  2. Progress of young players. Recently, several young players here have grown stronger and managed to make a qualitative step forward. Some European clubs are watching them closely. For example, Roma was interested in Malinovsky.
  3. Tactical flexibility of the team. Genk is always looking for weaknesses in the opponent’s game and punishes it for the slightest mistakes on the field.

As a result, before the decisive matches of the season, the team has a slight advantage over the competitors and is quite capable of winning the coveted title. However the club has no right to make a single mistake, because the level of skill of the Belgian leagues teams is also quite high. This is another proof that the tournament is now interesting not only to local fans, but also far beyond the country’s borders.

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