Register Nigerian Army As Political Party, Group Tells INEC

Cross section of stakeholders, during a news conference by European Union Election Observation Mission Nigeria on the Governorship and House of Assembly elections in Abuja, last Monday.

The Southeast Based Coalition Of Human Rights and Democracy Organisations (SBCHROs), a coalition of more than 23 human rights and democracy organisations based in Southeast Nigeria, has advised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to formally register the Nigerian Army as a political party so that it will officially vie for offices rather than “engage in shameless conducts the way its members did in the just-concluded shambolic elections in Nigeria”.
In a joint statement issued by Emeka Umeagbalasi, of Intersociety, Aloysius Attah of Civil Society Organisation (CLO), among other persons, the group suggested that the Nigerian Army adopt the Army Political Party of Nigeria (APPN)”.
The group argued that similar political parties existed in some parts of Africa.
It said: “From the National Resistance Movement Army (Party) of Uganda to the Rwandan Patriotic Front Army (Party) of Rwanda, registering the Nigerian Army as a political party will generally make Nigerian to begin to see and treat the Nigerian Army during the polls as participants and not securitisation referee”.
The group observed that in the just-concluded elections, “the brazen brigandage, thuggery and other forms of electoral partisanship and robbery played out in the shambolic polls of 2019 involving Nigerian Army are negatively a clear sign of sending strong message to Nigerians that the Army is tired of – being non-partisan or security referees in the Nigerian polls.”